TAO Accessibility Conformance Report | WCAG 2.1 AA

Accessibility and fairness are always top concerns when it comes to online learning and assessment. To tackle this, TAO’s Solar Test Runner framework considers accessibility beyond the assessment — as a native component in the system that allows you to build accessible tests from the ground up. This holistic approach to accessibility empowers our users […]

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility Tools The Accessibility Tools are a set of accommodation tools which are designed to aid the Test-taker in various ways when taking tests. Calculator Answer Eliminator Answer Masking Area Masking Flag Highlighter Line Reader Magnifier Zoom Tool Text-to-speech The Accessibility Tools which have been activated for a Test can be found in the Properties […]

Accessibility Standards in Online Assessment

Accessibility Standards in Online Assessment Following WCAG 2.1 AA criteria and Section 508 guidelines, TAO is designed for accessibility from the ground up to foster students' potential for academic progress. Download the White Paper Accessibility in Online AssessmentUniversal DesignAccess Beyond the Assessment Overview Accessibility in Online Assessment Accessibility can generally describe how people get access [...]

Access Beyond the Assessment: Accessibility for all Aspects of Digital Testing

It’s taken longer than many of us hoped, but online assessment platforms are finally taking accessibility seriously, and many platforms are openly boasting about their accessibility compliance and features. It’s tempting to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back. Admittedly, I have indulged in a bit of jubilation myself. However, assessment programs need to dig […]

Accessibility Test Exceptions in Online Assessment

The assessment industry is trying in earnest to deliver accessible tests that comply with laws like the  The United States’ (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Update of 2017) and Europe’s (EN 301 549), both of which require compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, including Level A and AA success criteria. The industry […]

Designing Digital Assessments for Accessibility from the Ground Up

Web-based applications have great potential to open up learning opportunities for people with certain physical and cognitive disabilities. However, as the prevalence of online learning continues to rise, so do concerns regarding accessibility, particularly for these individuals. Web Accessibility in Mind estimates that one fifth of the population has a disability of some kind. And […]