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Engage Students with a Modern Digital Experience

Providing modern assessment experiences is key to boosting student engagement, leveraging smart reporting and entering new markets. However, siloed data and lack of flexible integrations hinder this potential. That’s why TAO’s higher education assessment software provides the following: 

  • Seamless LMS, SIS and tools integrations
  • Distance learning capabilities like remote proctoring 
  • Content collaboration support 
  • Minimized administrative work  

And more. TAO allows you to assess students across all disciplines to maximize faculty teaching time, prove student achievement on a course-by-course basis and minimize administrative work.

Gain Visibility into the Classroom and Across the Institution

Built on interoperability standards, TAO solutions integrate with LMS and other information systems for streamlined reporting. The result: smart data that measures student achievement while minimizing admin overhead. Plus, with capabilities like integration with test center deployments, remote proctoring solutions and identity verification, remote testing is secure and highly effective.

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Innovation in Remote Digital Assessment at University of Alberta

When launching Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) for over 1,000 students, leaders at University of Alberta knew they needed custom development capabilities. The solution: a secure open source platform that delivers an optimal remote testing experience. With TAO, the University found a cost effective higher education assessment software that’s easy to deploy, integrate and use for long-term innovation.   

“TAO didn’t just satisfy our need for Open Source, it’s also proven to be reliable and easy to use. We’re delighted to have found an assessment solution that our entire team finds easy to embrace.” 

— Janet Welch, Assistant Dean and Director of Technologies at University of Alberta

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Why do Higher Ed Institutions Choose TAO?

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نشر منصة تقييم تسليم المفتاح إلى مركزية بسهولة كافة محتوى التقييم والاختبارات الخاصة بك، من التكوين إلى التشخيص إلى summative.

قابلية التشغيل المتداخل

Interoperable and standards-compliant, TAO easily integrates with other standards-based learning and testing tools.

Advanced Results Data

Access and aggregate data to analyze and create reports used for faculty improvement plans and accreditation requirements.

تسجيل الدخول الأحادي (SSO)

استفد من سيناريوهات تسجيل الدخول الأحادي (SSO) لجميع أدوات التقييم في مكدس التقنية الخاص بك، مما يحرر وقت المستخدم النهائي بحيث يمكن إعادة توجيهه إلى التعلم.

QTI-Compliant Content

Gain control of test questions, structures and scoring formats at all times, whether they’re packaged in third-party assessments or created by educators in in-house item banks.

اختبار آمن عن بعد

تعمل أدوات TAO عبر أجهزة متعددة وتدعم الاختبار الآمن عن بعد. تدعم المنصة التكامل مع عمليات نشر مراكز الاختبار وحلول المراقبة عن بعد والتحقق من الهوية.

الأسئلة المتداولة

احصل على إجابات للأسئلة الأكثر تكرارا هنا.

Yes. Because of TAO’s powerful metadata capabilities, you can define and add metadata to any of your test items. This then allows you to associate those items with specific standards for reporting purposes.

Yes. TAO’s interoperability standards make it easy to integrate the platform with your learning and student managements systems (and just about every other system you may need). We use trusted integration methods, like the IMS LTI framework, APIs and more to ensure seamless interoperability.

Many of the TAO platform’s Test Taker Tools are designed specifically for accessibility to support WCAG standards. These tools are available to aid your learners when taking assessments. They allow you to design for accessibility at either the item or test level.

Tools (also with keyboard shortcuts) include:

  • قلم تمييز
  • منظار
  • تكبير/تصغير
  • آلة حاسبة
  • مزيل الإجابات
  • إخفاء الإجابات
  • إخفاء المنطقة
  • قارئ الأسطر

Additionally, TAO supports accessibility by offering color-contrasting, and requiring alt text on images and closed-captioning functionality with video items. You can also leverage TAO Partner integrations, like speech-to-text, to provide further accessibility.

Yes. The platform supports test-taker answers in multiple languages. And free response text will accept multiple correct answers for a question.

Currently, TAO supports translations into over 30 different languages. Because TAO is open source, we rely on contributions from the community to help us continue to translate TAO. As a part of the TAO community, you can contribute to the translation effort here.

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