4 Ways to Advocate For Classroom Education Software

By now, educators and students alike are well aware of the promises of classroom technology to promote better teaching and learning outcomes. Educators are harnessing the power of gamification and tools like digital assessment software to provide more authentic and personalized learning experiences, particularly in terms of formative and adaptive assessment. At the same time, […]

Addressing the ‘Homework Gap’ in Remote Education

The term ‘homework gap’ has traditionally been used to refer to the lack of digital connectivity some students experience when trying to complete assignments for their school education from home, typically those at a socio-economic disadvantage. There have been efforts to provide funding for these students – in the U.S., for example – to get […]

Why Education Leaders are Turning to Open Source Testing Tools

More and more we hear that open source software is gaining traction in educational settings. If you are not completely familiar with open source, you might be asking yourself, “How can free software possibly be of any value?” or “What’s the catch?” In schools and districts, open source testing tools have been gaining momentum as […]

3 Considerations for Integrating Materials into your Online Tests

Your test items will always contain a question or a task. This forms the interactive part of the item – the part where test-takers can provide their response. You may, however, also need to add supplementary materials to your test items, such as media and text, to provide test-takers with the information they need to […]

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