side view of a line of male and female students sitting at computers using standardized assessment tools.

3 Transformations Happening in High-Stakes Assessment

Testing and assessment give educators valuable insight into what students know and have learned over a period of time. Today, high-stakes standardized assessments have gone increasingly digital. While traditionally given on paper with students bubbling in the correct answers to multiple-choice questions, high-stakes testing now allows for many different types of questions and responses. With […]

Young schoolgirl in a classroom sitting at a computer and typing on a keyboard participating in an assessment to measure learning loss.

How are Districts Using Digital Assessment to Address Learning Loss?

Schools worldwide have been grappling with the issue of learning loss in a post-pandemic world. Students in many areas have fallen a year or more behind in their schooling, while all students in all demographic areas experienced some loss, students living in poverty were impacted the most. Battling these losses while also maintaining a learning […]

side view of young girl working at a computer using a technology based assessment system for secure K-12 testing.

3 Ways K-12 Schools Can Improve Test Security & Data Privacy

For any platform where user data is collected and stored, security and data privacy are critical. This is even more true in education-based platforms and technology-based assessments because the data being stored relates to minor’s personal information. However, with technology playing a central role in education today, it’s not always easy for educators and schools […]

Excited child interacting with a tablet.

How to Make AI a Genuine Asset in Education

Artificial intelligence can get a bad rap.  As automation, AI, and machine learning take over tasks traditionally done by people, we worry about becoming replaceable. We worry about our future job security, our place in the world, and the loss of that all-important human touch. And those are just the intellectual concerns. Many movies and […]

woman using computer in computer lab showing the use of higher education assessment tools in the classroom

Key Points from ATP’s Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment

Schools and education districts worldwide have become increasingly digitized with many online schooling options and digital learning platforms available to students and teachers. With these new and innovative learning options comes a need to ensure that technology-based assessment practices are fair and effective in measuring student growth and achievement. However, best practices for pencil and […]

3 students sitting at laptops at a desk

Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Online Assessment

Developing high-quality online assessments that both challenge students appropriately and are aligned with standards is top of mind for educators. By using traditional thinking and questioning techniques, such as those in the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy, educators can build assessments that meet students at their level and provide large sets of valuable data for teachers […]

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