OAT – short for Open Assessment Technologies – is looking for a Top-Notch JavaScript developer to join our wonderfully talented team of 20 software engineers, including 5 senior (wise) JavaScript developers working in the open source field and using cutting edge technologies. This developer will help implement customizations, estimate and Review software changes, contribute actively to the solution design, basically be a core part of the team responsible for revamping TAO.

Here is THE dream job checklist:

  1. Are you passionate about coding? Well, your day should start and end with a slash.
  2. Are you an AUTHENTIC JavaScript developer? If JavaScript is not JUST about WordPress templates and/or a trial and error, then perfect, we can talk.
  3. Now that we’ve established you have JavaScript programming skills. Would you say you master your deep JS-based applications development? We never doubted you! Wonderful!
  4. Let’s go further – are you cool with the following technologies? JS/CSS/HTML(5), with experience in Git, GitHub, SCRUM? We know, all too easy.
  5. Lastly, and at the risk of sounding a bit awe-inspiring, you should be aware that the job position is in Capellen, Luxembourg & that you might get the chance to travel abroad. Now, how exciting is that?

Ultimately, we’re not trying to hire someone who can just close out JIRA tickets. We’re hiring you for your talent and ideas. If you think you just blasted this checklist, contact us at (low risk and high rewards, you’ll find we’re cool and full of opportunities!)

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