Agile Coach

OAT (short for Open Assessment Technologies) is currently looking for an Agile Coach, who will act as a service leader to educate colleagues, mentor teams, develop the Agile adoption strategy and implement the Agile methodology.

The Agile Coach will be responsible for:

  • Operating as a Servant Leader, Coach and Agile Evangelist to Agile teams and other personnel;
  • Providing support for designing a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile which includes every stage of adoption (introduction of Agile and employee education, fostering teams and cultures that practice Agile, sustaining Agile methodologies and continually offering strategies for improvement);
  • Supporting teams and individuals in their transformation into self-managing autonomous multidisciplinary teams;
  • Motivating, observing, providing feedback and helping individuals grow teams using people management skills;
  • Providing guidance proactively in adverse scenarios resolution;
  • Coaching employees in using Agile techniques like story mapping, scrum ceremonies, estimating, slicing the demand;
  • Delivering effective training classes on a variety of Agile related topics as well as contributing to their design;
  • Facilitating various agile meetings;
  • Helping increase transparency of the processes and results;
  • Giving presentations and facilitating workshops at different levels of the organization (teams, managers, partners, etc.) to spread the new way of working;
  • Monitoring and reporting on Agile metrics and team performance;
  • Providing hands-on support as a Scrum Master when needed, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile;
  • Helping build Agile Communities of Practice;

Qualifications and skills we are looking for:

  • A deep understanding of Agile and Lean and their methodologies (Scrum, Kanban and SAFe);
  • At least 3 years of experience as an Agile Coach in addition to strong experiences working as a Scrum Master;
  • Medium to good knowledge of the software development lifecycle and (Agile) application lifecycle management;
  • Ability to coordinate organisational change initiatives;
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new environments while showing confidence and peace of mind;
  • Inspires the team to have a sense of responsibility through their behavior;
  • Capacity to guide teammates through their individual results;
  • Availability for informal support and advice;
  • Mentoring skills to guides people to realizations rather than providing the answer;

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