Case Study: How TAO Helps Reduce K-12 Student Drop Out Rates

12% of European students drop out before completing high school, according to Eurostat. This alarming situation is both a cause and effect of unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty, and is therefore a matter for great social concern. Although there are systematic and targeted strategies in place to prevent dropouts, the Comenius Program seeks to reconsider the […]

TAO Helps Improve Student Learning Processes in Hungary

Members of our team were in Hungary recently to interview Prof. Benő Csapó about how his team uses TAO to support student learning processes in Hungary. (Question) When and how did you start using TAO? (Benő Csapó) We received TAO from our colleagues in Luxemburg in April 2007. First, we had to adapt it to our technological environment […]

Operational Excellence

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