Key Milestones

  • Moves to new office location
  • Hires Mark Molenaar as the CTO
  • Mark Molenaar named the new Chairman of EBA
  • Becomes an ACT preferred supplier
  • CEO Marc Oswald named the chairman of EBA

OECD continues to build on TAO for its next round of PISA testing, to be conducted in 2015.

  • OAT becomes the new home of TAO.

OAT Logo

  • Cito and Tudor invest in OAT, enabling the team to accelerate product development and offer commercial services worldwide.
  • The Swiss EDK selects TAO for monitoring student progress throughout the country.
  • NCSC selects TAO to assess students with learning disabilities across 24 partner and affiliated states for K-12 schools in the U.S.

OECD Selects TAO to expand its PIAAC study to 10 countries (consortium led by ETS).


OECD selects TAO as its strategic platform to conduct the PISA 2015 study across 70+ countries (consortium led by ETS).

2011 - 2012

Open Source contributions by the University of Szeged (Hungary) and Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden).

  • First public release of TAO 1.0 under GPL 2 License.
  • OECD selects TAO to conduct its 2012 PISA study across 60+ countries in 80+ languages (consortium led by ACER).
  • Strategic funding for DIPF for the refactoring of TAO core architecture.
  • OECD selects TAO to conduct its 2012 PIAAC study of adult skills across 20+ countries in 30+ languages (consortium led by ETS).

Use of TAO for the first Electronic Reading Assessment option delivered on computers for OECD PISA 2009 survey across 20 countries (consortium led by ACER).


International success with DIPF as a strategic partner.


Tudor releases TAO prototype.


University of Luxembourg develops concept for flexible computer-based adaptive testing based on web technologies.

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