List of Contributors

A very special and huge Thank You! to all our contributors, whose tremendous support is essential to the growth of TAO.

Name Affiliation(*) Position
Cédric ALFONSI Sogeti Luxembourg Researcher (Ergonomics)
Paulo AMORIM Escola de Sao Bruno IT Network Manager
Sophie BATTISTI University of Luxembourg Researcher
Jehan BIHIN Sogeti Luxembourg Software Engineer
Joël BILLARD Sogeti Luxembourg Software Engineer
Marilyn BINKLEY Binkley Associates Inc. Consultant for international projects
Lucie BRAYE CRP Henri Tudor Researcher
Gilbert BUSANA University of Luxembourg Lecturer & Researcher (education)
Réginald BURTON University of Luxembourg Researcher (psychometrics)
Béatrix CHARLIER Ecole Privée Marie-Consolatrice Educational coach
Bertrand CHEVRIER Kramp Studio Software Engineer, Consultant for Developer Community Governance
Laure CONDE CRP Henri Tudor Marketing Officer
Isabelle DEKENS Open Assessment Technologies S.A. Client Engagement & Authorized Partners
Younes DJAGHLOUL CRP Henri Tudor Researcher (Knowledge Technologies)
Sophie DOUBLET University of Luxembourg Researcher
Benjamin FORNAGE University of Luxembourg System Administrator
Eric FRANCOIS University of Luxembourg Technical Assistant
Mark GIERL University of Alberta Professor of Educational Psychology (Canada Research Chair in Educational Measurement)
Cyril HAZOTTE Open Assessment Technologies S.A. IT KeyMaker
Sven HENNEBÖLE OPIT Consulting Kft. Software Engineer
Christophe HENRY CRP Henri Tudor Researcher and System Administrator
Raynald JADOUL CRP Henri Tudor Senior Researcher
Isabelle JARS Independant Consultant Researcher & Project Leader
Ulrich KELLER University of Luxembourg Researcher (psychometrics)
Vincent KOENIG University of Luxembourg Researcher (psychology and usability)
Yves KREIS University of Luxembourg Lecturer and Researcher (education)
Manish CHAWLA OPIT Consulting Kft. Software Engineer
Thibaud LATOUR CRP Henri Tudor Head of Unit (Knowledge Technologies)
Romain MARTIN University of Luxembourg Professor and Head of Unit (Educational Measurement and Applied Cognitive Science)
Florian MULLER CRP Henri Tudor Intern
Hélène MAYER LIST Psychometrician
Chafika RADJAI University of Msila, Algeria Intern
Monique REICHERT University of Luxembourg Researcher (Psychology)
Bob REUTER University of Luxembourg Researcher (Psychology)
Igor RIBASSIN Sogeti Luxembourg Software Engineer
Markus SCHERER University of Luxembourg Technical Assistant
Michael TSAO Exam Guardian Technologies Inc. Co-Founder
Alain VAGNER CRP Henri Tudor Researcher (Software Engineering)
Luc VANDENABEELE Head of Unit (Knowledge Technologies) Researcher (Software Engineering)
Katja WEINERTH University of Luxembourg Researcher (Educational Assessment)
Nabil ZARY Karolinska Institutet, Sweden Assistant Professor (Medical Simulation)

(*) Affiliation at the time of contribution, people may have moved on since then.

NOTE: We make every effort to ensure the completeness of our contributor list. Should we have omitted anyone, please drop us a note and we’ll gladly add you to the list.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the many Open Source projects used in the development of TAO:

  • AdoDB
  • Apache
  • ArgoUML
  • CodeMirror
  • DokuWiki
  • Drupal
  • EJS
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Hudson
  • JQuery and its plugins:
    • jqGrid
    • jsTree
    • jWysiwyg
    • Uploadify
  • Joomla
  • Linux: Debian GNU/Linux
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Mantis
  • Raphael
  • Redmine
  • SimpleTest
  • Subversion
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