Senior Software Engineer (Backend-Go)

Become a part of the bigger picture and get ready to make important contributions to the development of innovative solutions.

The goal of this position is to build a quality and comprehensive, error-free technology infrastructure, establish and maintain an effective operational environment with 99.99% run time, and deliver quality, prompt, cost-effective, and reliable technology services to serve the best possible experience for customers.

A Golang developer’s role is to build optimized, scalable, and modular software using required technologies. You are tasked with developing and coding back-end components and connecting applications to other web services.

 Duties and responsibilities

  • Designs standalone systems of moderate complexity, or major new features in existing systems
  • Determines data needs from product requirements
  • Assesses correctness and utility of existing code and avoid blind copy-pasting
  • Increases the robustness and reliability of codebases, and devotes time to polishing products and systems
  • Tests new code thoroughly, both locally, and once deployed on QA environment
  • Refactors existing code to make it more testable and match design patterns best practices
  • Implements systems that enable better testing
  • Gives thoughtful code reviews as a domain expert
  • Advices deployment patterns matching an application needs
  • Participates to the SCRUM ceremonies
  • Estimates software changes requests complexity

 Qualifications and skills

  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Collaborates with others with empathy
  • Takes on trust and tasks proactively when blocked elsewhere
  • Lead knowledge and experience sharing across the team member
  • Be a mentor for the team members
  • Excellent knowledge of GO current version
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Knowledge of AWS/GCP is a plus
  • Good knowledge with VCS (Git)
  • Understands basic Agile concepts
  • Able to identify and understands basic cloud patterns
  • Takes security by design into account for new systems
  • Able to debug and profile their code efficiently
  • Master the software development best practices and clean code principles
  • Anticipates and share schedule deviations in plenty of time
  • Demonstrates concepts proactively with prototypes

 Perks working for OAT

  • Flexible working hours
  • Social benefits
  • Working for a open source learning platform
  • Access to conferences, training, certifications, etc
  • The possibility to work 100%  from home
  • Company and team events
  • International and multicultural working environment
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