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Reduce the costs and complexities of online assessment with TAO’s user-friendly test creation software.

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Create Online Assessments with Ease

With a clean and accessible user-friendly interface, TAO Authoring empowers assessment authors to create, customize and manage testing content across streamlined workflows — for any type of assessment, at any scale. TAO’s sophisticated WYSIWYG question and test creator makes it easy to create innovative QTI-based questions, incorporate media, configure your test layouts, create shared item banks and more through simple drag and drop commands. All while QTI standards ensure your content remains robust and accessible across applications.

  • Easily transfer your legacy items and assessments into TAO
  • Create QTI certified assessments for integration with limitless EdTech applications
  • Author simple or advanced items to target 21st Century Skills
  • See your content in action with live previews across a range of devices

Seamlessly Import & Export Content in QTI

You should know what’s under the hood of your technology. That’s why TAO is purposefully built on open source and open standards, to ensure 100% interoperability with any of your legacy e-assessment applications. TAO’s extensible test creation software is QTI-certified to guarantee the freedom and control to monetize your work and maintain the value of your assets. Easily import and export any QTI-content directly into TAO and hit the ground running with your assessment programs, or use the test creator to build QTI items directly within the authoring environment.

Do you have existing content formats that you need to transform into QTI?  Our team of experts can help with transforming your assets, and migrate any existing content from your legacy systems to your new TAO Authoring environment.

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test creation software

Target 21st Century Skills with Built-in Interactions

Starting from the ground up? TAO Authoring’s open source interaction bank includes over 20 built-in question types to help you get started creating assessment content in any subject. Use TAO PCIs to connect assessment to learning through multi-step problem solving, and collect rich data to gain deeper insights into student approaches. 

Whether you are authoring a simple multiple choice test or an in-depth evaluation targeting 21st Century Skills, TAO empowers teachers and high-stakes assessment program authors with the flexibility to use a range of both traditional and innovative question types. 

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Explore TAO’s Solutions for Online Assessment Authoring

Innovative Testing Formats

Enable an authentic and personalized assessment experience with a range of testing formats, from linear, to branching, to adaptive. TAO also supports item scaffolding to better connect assessment to learning.

WYSIWYG Item & Test Creator

Reduce the complexities of test creation. TAO’s sophisticated WYSIWYG item and test editor lets you easily create a rich assessment experience on the fly with just a few clicks.

Preview Assessments Across Devices

Preview your assessments in real-time across a wide range of browsers and devices before setting your campaigns live.

Smart Content Management

Streamline your authoring environment and organize your content for easy access with metadata tagging. You can also use metadata to tie your assessment content to common core standards.

Create Shared Item Banks

From multiple choice to rich audio and mathematical formula interactions, you can create reusable item banks that you can share across your organization to gain a better understanding of how your students approach problem solving.

Test-Taker Features & Accommodation Tools

Give your teachers and test-takers the tools to succeed by enabling features like remote proctoring and accommodation tools like Text-to-Speech, answer masking, highlighters, magnification and more. Explore test-taker features in TAO. 

User Management & Permissions

Define user permissions and controls for easy content management and access across different assessment teams.

Define Grading Rules

Define response processing rules, including weights for items, cut scores, options for partial credit and defining variables for manual scoring within the TAO Authoring environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Yes. You can easily import any items or tests you have in QTI format seamlessly into TAO. If your content is not in QTI format, our teams can work with you to transform your assets and migrate them into TAO.

Our user guide offers a host of technical information on how to use the TAO Authoring environment for online test creation.

You can easily create items in TAO using the WYSIWYG item editor. Step-by-step instructions for item creation can be found here.

Check out our feature comparison table to compare authoring features across all TAO plans.

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