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Purpose-built exam delivery software that enables you to scale your online assessment campaigns from the classroom to nationwide.

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Secure, Scalable Cloud Delivery

With a sophisticated and flexible infrastructure built on today’s most powerful cloud technology, TAO Deliver makes it possible to run your assessment campaigns with confidence every time. So, whether assessments are taking place in the classroom, test centers, or remotely, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll reach your students where they are, without interruption.   

  • TAO’s exam delivery software scales to reliably support tens to hundreds of thousands of assessments and test-takers.
  • LTI adds a layer of encryption to your assessment data for enhanced security and enables exam delivery via your LMS. 
  • TAO’s remote proctoring features help guarantee the integrity of your remote online assessments by flagging suspicious activity in a comprehensive report.

Built-in Accessibility

Access means opportunity, and accessibility in digital assessment is paramount for giving students the best opportunity to show what they’ve learned. That’s why we’re dedicated to making TAO accessible from the ground up, to provide better access to test candidates, agents and authors alike. Following WCAG 2.1 AA criteria and Section 508 guidelines, TAO offers built-in accommodation tools like screen readers, highlighters, color contrast, magnification and more.

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Integrate Your Assessments with Popular EdTech Applications

TAO connects with your existing EdTech via the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard for seamless exam deliveries within the systems your candidates are already using. With TAO, you have the freedom and control to launch your assessments directly within today’s popular online applications and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Thanks to LTI, your candidates are able to take assessments and review their results without ever having to manage multiple logins. All while the standard ensures an extra layer of security protection during delivery.

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Explore TAO’s Delivery Features

Industrial Scalability

Scale your assessment campaigns from the classroom to nationwide. TAO leverages modern cloud-based architecture like AWS and Google Cloud to ensure secure and reliable campaign delivery, every time.

Schedule Online Exams

Schedule online exams for delivery as an optional part of your workflow stream.

Interoperability & LTI

TAO integrates seamlessly with other eLearning applications like your LMS and Student Information System (SIS), to provide you with streamlined access to your assessment data in one secure location. 

Test Center Capable

TAO Deliver makes it easy to launch your online assessments via test-centers and groups that you organize and define.

Remote Proctoring

Guarantee the integrity of your online assessments with remote proctoring and integrity reporting that flags suspicious activity for review.

Automatic Grading

Save your teachers and administrators valuable time that’s better spent on instruction with automatic scoring and instant results feedback.

Online Human Scoring

TAO offers a new online human-scoring engine to the market to improve the process of grading open-ended, written responses.

Brand Standards Configuration

TAO is white-label so you can brand your delivery environment with your organization’s color scheme and logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

TAO works with today’s leading cloud solutions like AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Learn more about the TAOCloud here.

Using an LTI link, your users can launch their exam. Or, you can create your own groups or test centers from within TAO.

If your LMS is an LTI Tool Provider, it’s as easy as copying and pasting a link from the TAO Authoring environment after you create a specific test delivery.

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