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Connect assessment to learning with flexible results formats that you can plug into any data analysis tool.

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Control Your Reporting

TAO’s intuitive Reporting module aggregates the student and assessment data you need to gain better insight into the whole learning process. Filter and export your results into usable formats, and choose how you want to report on your data. TAO gives you the flexibility to plug your results into any data visualization tool for instant access to sophisticated visual analysis, on your terms. 

  • Export test results into QTI format and easily connect your data with other applications.
  • See the results directly in TAO after test takers submit their test sessions.
  • Seamlessly plug your results data into powerful visual analysis tools for deep, custom reporting. 

Complete and Instant Access to Test Results

Gain immediate access to testing results and shorten the assessment feedback cycle. TAO’s automatic scoring relieves administrative work for educators while providing instant insight into candidate performance, directly within TAO. 

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Coming Soon: TAO Insights

TAO Insights lets you connect directly to your test results in a familiar, tabular format within minutes of test submission. This allows you to connect to your own reporting tools or to connect with modern Business Information systems for customizable data visualization and advanced data sorting. TAO will manage, backup, and maintain your data in our safe and reliable TAO Cloud. Connection will be possible through an API with a paid TAO Insights hosting package.

Explore TAO’s Reporting Features

Measure 21st Century Skills

Use rich log data from TAO PCIs to assess 21st Century Skills like student approaches to problem solving and collaboration. 

Make a Perfect Match with QTI

Export your assessment results data to QTI format for guaranteed standards compatibility across any e-assessment tools. 

Bulk Export Exam Results

Save time and effort by bulk exporting your exam results to QTI or .csv format for both big-picture and granular analysis.

Clean Results

TAO results export to clean formats that are ready for immediate analysis.

Use Any Analysis Tool

Plug your results data into limitless visualization tools, like Tableau or Google Data Studio for advanced analysis that you control.

Custom Reports

Share reports with various stakeholders across your organization using custom-designed data sets (Enterprise).

Candidate & Group Score Reports

Create custom score reports to drill down on individual test-taker and group data (Enterprise).

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

You can view results data immediately after a candidate submits their test. Our User Guide covers steep-by-step instructions for doing so.

You can export your results into either .csv or QTI format. Learn more.

TAO Enterprise users can work with the TAO team for custom data reporting.

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