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Our most powerful TAO solution designed to support the world's most demanding online testing programs.

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A Deeply Integrated, Custom Assessment Platform

Create a deeply integrated, custom assessment environment that delivers high performance and reduced costs for your organization. TAO Enterprise Edition gives you the flexibility to connect with every technology system you need while enjoying the platform’s off-the-shelf features and functionalities—enhanced for you.

You’ll gain a rapid competitive advantage by creating a unified assessment architecture that is secure, powerful, cost-effective, and still completely open.

  • A bespoke, end-to-end assessment software solution offering the best of both worlds
  • Value-added extensions, augmented with features specific to you
  • Single-tenant, personalized deployment
  • Custom dedicated training and support

Deploy and Deliver Assessments Enterprise-Wide

Custom deployment and delivery options empower you to reach your learners where they are. Choose how you deploy your assessments: in the Cloud, on-premise or through 3rd-party data centers.

Engage your test-takers online, offline or even in the field—on any browser or device. Whatever you need to ensure success for your organization. Your options are open.

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Provide a Secure and Robust Assessment Experience

Use your own hosting environment or leverage a private TAO Cloud™ for single-tenant, fully personalized deployment.

  • Mitigate the risk of compromising private information with a highly secure private cloud that stores your assessment data on the server-side.
  • Control your exam software and leave room for unlimited integrations and custom add-ons to create a solution that is uniquely yours.
  • Benefit from enhanced reliability with a single-tenant architecture.

TAO Enterprise Features and Services

Scalable, Private Cloud Hosting

TAO Enterprise is built on a NoSQL database for high scalability. You can choose to host your exam software in a private TAO Cloud™ for a single-tenant deployment.

Full Customization

From look and feel to deployment to delivery, and everything in between. TAO Enterprise Edition empowers you to create a fully-personalized digital assessment experience.

Technical Consultancy

Tap into the expertise of our client success team at Open Assessment Technologies. We’ll provide full technical consultancy every step of the way as you build and launch your digital assessments.

Custom Training

We’ll cover the unique features and functionalities you need in order to ensure success for your assessment programs.

Enterprise Level Support

Choose from three annual subscription models to match the scale of your deployment. This also includes dedicated, around-the-clock assistance.

Enhanced QTI Items and Test Features

Leverage the same powerful Open Source feature stack as the TAO Community Edition, with full access to OAT extensions, like custom technology enhanced items (TEIs), PCI item types and more—uniquely augmented with the features you need.

Complete Interoperability

Because open standards underpin TAO, we can help you easily connect the platform with your existing LMS, data and reporting systems and other technologies via LTI and custom APIs.

Open Source Assurance

Benefit from peace of mind thanks to Open Source Assurance, included in all of our training and maintenance subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Because TAO Enterprise Edition offers a tailored exam software solution, TAO platform pricing is based on a custom quote that reflects your specific needs.

You can choose to deploy TAO Enterprise on a private TAO Cloud ™, or in your own environment. Then, OAT client-services and technical support will work with you to get your assessment platform installed. We’ll also help you integrate with your preferred solutions and configure the platform for your needs.

In addition, we’ll set up dedicated training and be available for support to make sure you get up and running without issue. There are 3 tiered support subscriptions you can leverage, including 24/7 assistance.

Do you need help migrating systems, integrating technologies, deploying your platform or augmenting features? If so, consider TAO Enterprise as your comprehensive solution. You’ll also benefit from dedicated custom training, advanced support and full technical consultancy.

You can compare platform editions to make sure TAO Enterprise fits your needs, and reach out for a demo at any time.

TAO Enterprise Edition lets you create a unique ecosystem built on rich integrations and customizations. And, if you have custom needs after you get set up, we will work with you on those too.

Functionally, TAO encrypts data via HTTPS, and provides User Identification via encrypted passwords. It also supports back-office identification based on assigned roles and access rights.

If you leverage the the TAO Cloud, your data is also securely stored on the server-side. This additionally reduces any risk of compromising or losing information.

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