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All-in-One Assessment Solution

Stop worrying about the complexity of creating unique test items and delivering assessment across different devices, browsers and platforms. With TAO you’re covered. Thanks to TAO’s modular suite of open online assessment technologies, you can eliminate proprietary systems, innovate faster and have full control to build a totally unique digital testing ecosystem.

The TAO Platform is about great technology and great people.

  • Fully managed SaaS options
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Unlimited Customization Possibilities
  • Training

Leverage Your Existing Technology

We know you probably have a lot of technology and processes already in place. So we’ll work with you to seamlessly weave TAO into your existing infrastructure. We’ve developed proven, tested integrations for your tech stack, comprehensive and flexible APIs to support your workflows, and an extensive ecosystem of partners for limitless functionality, options and services.

An open online assessment platform is ideal for a variety of reasons.

  • Question & Test Interoperability
  • Personal Needs & Preferences
  • Combine Candidate & Rostering Info
  • Curriculum & Academic Standards Exchange
  • Learning Tools Interoperability
  • Caliper-based Learning Analytics
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TAO Gives You Freedom & Control

TAO’s modular platform design empowers you to break free from proprietary technology and control your assessment programs, from content, to delivery to results. TAO is built differently — so you can finally separate your testing assets from your platform. Unlike today’s popular proprietary online assessment software, TAO’s QTI framework ensures your content, items and tests are always 100% portable.

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100+million tests delivered worldwide
Open source means open possibilities to adopt the inventions of an expert developer community.
- Steve Dersin,VP Camden International Schoolboard

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