TAO Rostering for Online Exams

An open suite of test management tools for a variety of student rostering options.

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A Flexible Approach to Online Exam Rostering

Eliminate the confines of proprietary software. TAO Roster makes it easy to import and manage your online assessment candidates through a range of flexible options. Assign tests and candidates via groups or test-centers using TAO’s built in exam rostering solutions for smaller scale, lower-stakes assessment. Or, leverage TAO-driven or LTI-based rostering for a nationwide campaign. With TAO, you have the control and flexibility to choose how you approach rostering. 

  • Enter test candidates directly into TAO or via a file upload
  • Choose from a variety of flexible assessment rostering solutions based on the scale of your assessment campaign, or work with our team to develop a custom rostering solution    
  • Leverage built-in rostering via groups and test-centers that you define

Test Center & Group Management

Define Test Centers and Groups within TAO to help your administrators track schools, candidates, and online test assignments. Ideal for lower-stakes and scale campaigns, you have complete control over how you leverage these built-in rostering tools. Simply assign candidates to groups or test-centers via their definitions, then assign the deliveries. 

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Rostering at Any Scale, for Any Stakes

Leverage the power of LTI to conduct rostering for online assessments, whether high-stakes or low, large-scale or small. LTI ensures interoperability between your EdTech applications and exam management tools, making it one of the most ideal, secure, and reliable ways to approach rostering. Thanks to TAO’s native support for LTI, you can easily create a plug and play ecosystem that puts you in control of your assessment solutions. 

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Explore TAO’s Rostering Features

Flexible Rostering Solutions

From built-in test center and group rostering, to TAO driven, LTI-based and even full custom rostering for your online exams. TAO’s experience in multiple flavors of rostering means you get the flexibility to choose the solution that works best for you.

Group Test Candidates

Define criteria directly within TAO to organize your online exam candidates into groups. Then, assign your exams to those groups based on that criteria.

Assign Test Centers

Similar to creating groups, you can use defining criteria to organize test-centers, and then assign exam candidates and assessments.

TAO SimpleRoster

Ideal for large-scale, high-stakes assessment. TAO Simple Roster enables you to import and export large scale rostering data and assignments for nationwide assessments.

LTI-Driven Roster

Ideal for all types of testing, at any scale and any stakes. LTI-based rostering integrates seamlessly with TAO to provide even greater control over your test management tools through a single application.

Full Custom Roster

Work with the TAO team on custom developments for candidate and test management and assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Check out our User Guide for information on how to leverage TAO’s online exam rostering solutions.

You can enter your test-takers directly into TAO or via a .csv upload. You can find more information and step-by-step instructions on how to do this here

You can classify your test takers into groups by defining criteria. For step-by-step instructions take a look at this section of our User Guide.

First create your test takers. If you haven’t created your groups or test centers, create them. Then from within groups, choose the test takers you want to assign to your various groups. From deliveries, choose the delivery then pick the groups you want to take that test delivery.

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