Why TAO?

Authoring and delivering tests in QTI rather than a proprietary item format means you have full control over your assessment assets. And by not getting locked-in to a particular vendor’s item bank, you will be free to choose the technology that best meets your needs. This is particularly important in this day and age where Technology is reshaping Education in such a big way.

So capitalize on Education Technology by deploying open systems built on open standards.

TAO is one of the most advanced QTI authoring tools available.  Having achieved standards compliance in all four QTI categories, TAO offers the highest investment protection by far:

  • It’s Open Source: Gives you direct access to the source code and complete control over features and functionality.
  • It’s standards-based: Gives you full control over how your assessment content is authored and delivered.

TAO is the only commercial-grade Open Source assessment platform on the market, offering many unique benefits over proprietary systems. Specifically:

  • Zero licensing or test delivery fees
  • Direct access to source code
  • Standards compliance – QTI, LTI
  • Audit-proof transparency
  • Freedom to customize on your own
  • Adaptability to rapidly changing requirements
  • Compatibility with commercial add-ons

TAO is also the first platform to have achieved QTI compliance in all four certification categories: Authoring and Editing Systems, Delivery Systems, Item and Test Bank Systems, and mostly importantly, the QTI content itself. Taken together, they make test content entirely portable, which is crucially important as users embrace technology-centric Education models .

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