We are happy to announce TAO 2.2.

We are proud to announce TAO v2.2, the latest release of the world’s leading open source assessment platform.

Version 2.2 introduces Access Control Layers, which provide the foundation for role-based access to the TAO application. System administrators are now able to define User Profiles that, in the future, will let them grant individual access rights to all application-level functionalities based on the user’s role within the organization.

Version 2.2 also comes with enhanced Internationalization and now supports multiple language resources for text, images and other popular media types during both Item Authoring and Test Delivery.

At the architectural level, we added the necessary building blocks for Advanced Grading and Resource Versioning. In an upcoming release, the Advanced Grading feature will allow test developers to create assessments that blend automated scoring with human-based scoring.

Resource Versioning will enable item developers to save multiple iterations of the same item, which not only let’s them revert back to earlier versions of that particular item, but also provides them with with a historic record of how the item evolved over time. But perhaps most importantly, this feature lets item developers implement sophisticated item writing processes based on item pre-testing and statistical analysis methods.

Last but not least, we resolved over 150 software issues that had been submitted on the Hub.

So a big Thank You to all of you who help us make TAO even better!

Your TAO Team

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