We are happy to announce the TAO 2.6 Beta version release

TAO 2.6 Beta comes with a bunch of cool new features:

  • Full support for leading Android, iOS Tablets and Smartphones
  • Completely redesigned Item and Test authoring interfaces
  • Much improved Scalability through the support of NoSQL data stores
  • Additional QTI options, as per the QTI 2.1 spec

2.6 Beta download link

This is not a production release, and is intended for test purposes only.

  • Beta Testers should report any bugs or issues in the TAO Hub
  • Translators may start translating the new content coming with TAO 2.6
  • Developers may start checking their customizations and extensions for compliance with TAO 2.6.

We count on you to put it through its paces, and show us those pesky bugs!


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