TAO 2.5 has been released

We are pleased to announce the new TAO 2.5 release!

Stay up to date: Download TAO 2.5!

Our demo server has been updated. You may try it by connecting at http://demo.taotesting.com using the following login/password: demo/demo.

This new version brings new possibilities such as:

  • New Item Formats
    The item creator of TAO has been revisited to bring you a better user experience for Question Test Interoperability – QTI 2.1 items.
  • New Test Options
    The new QTI 2.1 test authoring tool will allow you to manage the time and even much more.
  • LTI Integration
    Integration with Learning Tools Interoperability – LTI compliant Learning Management Systems – LMS, build tests in TAO and link them in your LMS course.
  • New Graphical Interfaces
    A new effort has been initiated on our graphical interfaces and available already in our 2.5.
  • But TAO 2.5 is also…See full document.

So a big Thank You to all of you who help us make TAO even better!

Your TAO Team.

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