TAO 2.6 RC02 is out!

With TAO version 2.6 RC02, another step towards the final release of TAO version 2.6 has been reached.

This release has been deployed on “beta”: http://beta.taotesting.com/ and on “demo”: http://demo.taotesting.com/ public instances

  • The Beta Login/Password is beta/beta
  • The Demo Login/Password is demo/demo

If you wish to test this release on your own server, a source package is also available on our “website”: http://taotesting.com/resources/download-tao

Please keep in mind that this is not yet the final version.

This Release Candidate02 is not intented for production but rather for test purposes. We count on you to report to report any remaining bugs.
The Windows package will be available in the following days.

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