A Test for Detecting Early School Leaving – Methodology


A Test for Detecting Early School Leaving – Methodology

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Hélène Mayer, Researcher – Psychologist at the CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg


Hélène Mayer is graduated from the University of Metz (France) as a Master in Multimedia engineering projects and as a Master in Psychology: Evaluation and Assessment at the University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

She joined the CRP Henri Tudor for e-learning and pedagogy. She is currently working on projects for transport and logistics and the development of a questionnaire in order to detect dropout student in Europe.

One of her specialties is to support experts in the creation of educational content (training face-to-face and e-learning, creating items for questionnaire/test), media content and psychometrics.


Early School Leaving is one of the top-priorities of the EU-educational program. Early school leaving is an European phenomenon, which concerns us all: students, parents, teachers, economical factors, and politics… The processes leading to school dropout are often established early in the school career but remain difficult to identify.

In this context, our project, focussing on students between 15 and 18 years, aims to co-design and develop at European level an automated test allowing the detection of potential school dropouts.

The TAO platform was chosen in order to implement the test and to support the 6 European partners (Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Greece, Finland and Roumania) during the experiment and validation steps of the project.

Hélène Mayer

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