TIPO – TAO-based Item Portal – An Extension for TAO to Simplify Item Banking


TIPO – TAO-based Item Portal – An extension for TAO to Simplify Item Banking

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Ingo Barkow, Director, TBA21 Germany GmbH.


Ingo Barkow, works as a senior systems engineer and data manager in the Technology-Based Assessment (TBA) And Research Data Center (RDC) projects at the German Institute for International Educational Researcg (DIPF) in Frankfurt.

In those projects, he is responsible for metadata standards, the long-time preservation of qualitative and quantitative electronic questionnaires and assessment instruments as well as handling data acess to research data for secondary usage for an international scientific audience.

Before going back to research, Ingo Barkow was the Managing Director of an IT training company in Würzburg where he was responsible for the planning and organization of IT courses and also worked as a trainer and senior consultant for the infrastructure and database management.

He holds two Master’s degrees, in Business Informatics as well as in Social History and English, in addition to several international IT-Trainer certifications. Currently he is working on his Phd dissertation about the requirements for metadata standards in the educational sciences at the University of Szeged in Hungary.

At the DIPF he was involved in several large-scale assessments projects, mainly PISA, PIAAC (R1/R2) and NEPS. Additionally to his work at the DIPF he is one of the Directors in its spin-off company TBA21 Germany GmbH.


TIPO – the TAO-based Item Portal – was originally developed by TBA21 Germany and OPIT Hungary for the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) as an item bank to administer content from different assessment systems.

Due to interest from other studies we are planning to release a new independent version which can also be used in other contexts. This talk will give an update on the progress since last the last TAO Days and also introduced the planned features of the new customer-neutral version.

Ingo Barkow

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