Designing Digital Assessments for Accessibility from the Ground Up

Web-based applications have great potential to open up learning opportunities for people with certain physical and cognitive disabilities. However, as the prevalence of online learning continues to rise, so do concerns regarding accessibility, particularly for these individuals. Web Accessibility in Mind estimates that one fifth of the population has a disability of some kind. And […]

Leveraging Universal Design for Learning Principles to Build Student Agency

Engaging and reaching students at their level are two of the most difficult aspects of teaching. Each class is made up of students from various backgrounds, with different abilities and interests. However, by building student agency through universal design principles, educators can engage students more effectively while at the same time giving students of all […]

What is Digital Literacy and How Can it be Assessed?

When we think of literacy, we generally tend to connect the dots to reading and writing. But to succeed in today’s digitally driven world, modern learners need to develop skills that encompass more than literacy in the traditional sense. When technology comes into play, the broader term digital literacy emerges and requires educators to go […]

June 2022 | Release Notes

We are constantly working on developing new features, evolving our technology, and improving the overall performance of our solutions to support your needs and better accommodate your requests. This release details the latest functional enhancements for TAO, which you can view and directly interact with today. Here, you’ll find updates related to Authoring, TAO Advance, […]

How are Schools Responding to Student Data Privacy Concerns?

As schools and classwork become increasingly reliant on internet-based applications and software, school leaders and policymakers must ensure that student data is kept private. This task is complicated by the fact that each country, and in the case of the United States, each state, may have different rules and laws when it comes to maintaining […]

The Importance of Inclusivity for Online Learning and Assessment Tools

For many learners around the world, remote learning has leveled the playing field by providing access to high-quality curricula regardless of location. However, access is not enough. With over 240 million children with disabilities worldwide, educators must be also able to differentiate and accommodate assessments to meet the needs of all learners in a remote […]