Learning Spiral

Learning Spiral Pvt. Ltd.

3A, Auckland Place
5th Floor, Room 5B
Kolkata, West Bengal, India 700017
Manish Mohta
Tel. +91 98930 55734
E: manish@learningspiral.co.in
Web: http://www.learningspiral.co.in

Company Description

Learning Spiral provides technical solutions and services to education or recruitment service providers and publishers.

The company has nearly 12+ years of experience in this demanding domain and routinely processes more than 3 million high stake assessments and student registrations worth USD 2 million every admission season.

The company has a deep expertise in:

  • Managing and re-purposing digital content
  • End-to-end management of large scale high stake assessments
  • Managing large scale student facing processes such as registrations, admissions, enrollments, student self service portals, help desk, etc…
  • Managing high stake admission and recruitment seat allocations complete with student and applicant counseling

Market Sectors

Education, Recruitment, Human Resources, Publishers

TAO–Based Products and Services

Online Testing Services on a SaaS platform, custom TAO deployments for conducting proctored high stake exams, TAO based consultation and custom product development

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