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TAO is the leading Open Source assessment platform for Education and Professional Advancement.

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A Complete Assessment Solution

Create tests, register your test-takers, deliver tests online. Then, aggregate results into reports when you’re done. And for users with more advanced needs, there’s even a Workflow Assistant that helps to keep track of the process.

Author Simple and Advanced Items

TAO supports all QTI interaction types. From multiple-choice to technology enhanced items (TEIs) you can create what you need. You can even import existing QTI items or tests directly in to TAO if you don’t want to start from scratch.

Preview Assessments

Easily edit and preview items, including scoring and variables collection. In addition, TAO lets you see how items would appear on a variety of target delivery devices and screen resolutions, including desktops, iPads, and smartphones.

Create Portable Standards-Based TEIs

You can now create tests incorporating TEIs built on the QTI PCI standard, and deliver them through the TAO test driver. Because PCI is an IMS industry standard, it is now possible to even make these items portable for third party QTI test drivers.

Compose Linear and Branching Tests

TAO makes it easy to select and group items to create tests. You can also create, import and export fully QTI-compliant tests, and define custom test types and test drivers too. You can structure tests as linear forward, linear forward and backward, branching, or as a combination of linear and branching sections.

Computer Adaptive Testing

TAO comes with a general-purpose CAT application programming interface (API) that enables you to plug-in your own proprietary or Open Source CAT engine. This way, you have full flexibility and control over which adaptive test algorithms you want to use.

Schedule Tests for Online Deliveries

Allow access through any standard web browser, including lock-down browsers. Schedule test delivery in advance for individual or groups of candidates. You can also set timing constraints for test availability, duration of tests, and maximum attempts.

Deliver Tests to Mobile Devices

All QTI interaction types are fully compatible with mobile devices. Deliver tests to iPad, Android and other leading mobile devices. Conduct online tests on student laptops securely, by combining TAO with lock-down browsers such as the free open source Safe Exam Browser.

Implement BYOD Test Solutions

Take advantage of the explosive popularity of consumer mobile devices. Use TAO to reduce your assessment delivery cost by implementing Bring Your Own Device solutions.


Run reports on individual test-takers or groups. Export raw test results to third-party statistical analysis and reporting tools. You can even report to various stakeholders with custom-designed data sets.

Intuitive User Interface

TAO’s intuitive point-and-click commands and on-screen editing make it easy to administer tests from a laptop, a school or company server, the cloud, or even Learning Management Systems like Moodle.

Manage Test-Takers

Enter candidate data directly into TAO, or import it from a CSV file. Then, verify test-takers’ identity with usernames and passwords through TAO, or via third party applications that support the OAuth standard, enabling single-sign-on (SSO) through an LMS like Moodle.

Manage and Control User Access

Define user profiles based on roles and responsibilities. Assign and restrict access to user functions as well as item and test content, ensuring your test data is fully protected.

Scale from Classroom to Nationwide

TAO’s test delivery engine is built on a NoSQL data storage model, enabling you to scale with confidence from classroom to nationwide. If a test is unexpectedly interrupted, TAO’s built-in fail-safe ensures that candidates resume the test exactly where they paused.

Customize Your Workflows

Since TAO is Open Source and completely customizable, you have the freedom to design your own custom workflows to meet the particular assessment needs of your organization.

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