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If you’re looking for a cost-effective, centralized assessment solution for faculty and students, you’ve come to the right place.

Created from a joint research project with the University of Luxembourg, the customizable TAO assessment platform was conceived by software experts immersed in education research and assessment.

Offering a technically sophisticated platform combined with a focus on simplicity of use, TAO is the one assessment platform that can support and store the full range of tests, from institutional to course-based to quizzes, fixed form to adaptive. It can take an institution from paper-and-pencil to digital, and make it easy for faculty members to create and deploy their own online assessments. With its powerful item authoring and item banking modules, performance tasks, scenarios and interactive assessments can all be created along with more traditional item types. Since TAO is standards-based, you can easily integrate it with your LMS, allowing it to be accessible to all your constituents.

TAO can also be a foundation for traditional instruction and digital course delivery. Whether you are in the business of offering MOOCs, or in person courses, TAO can be used to house and deliver your content and assessments.

  • Fully interoperable, TAO is certified compliant with industry standards (QTI, LTI) allowing you to connect assessment with digital standards-based content resources of your choosing.
  • Powerful, secure and scalable delivery is a given with 24/7 access thanks to the TAO Cloud
  • Access and aggregate data to analyze and create reports used for faculty improvement plans and accreditation requirements.
  • With open source, you have many options to customize your system. Get it the way you want.
  • And did we mention, TAO makes it easy to develop and deploy all QTI item types, including Technology Enhanced items and scenarios?

Cost effective, easy to use, trusted technology, what are you waiting for? Find out how University of Alberta leverages TAO, or sign up for a live TAO Product Demo to learn more.

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