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TAO's open-source platform can take an organization from paper to profitability.

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Easily create and deploy assessments (even remotely)

Offering a technically sophisticated platform combined with a focus on simplicity of use, the powerful TAO open-source platform can transform an organization from paper to digital and make it easy to create and deploy assessments remotely, in test centers, or on premises.

With its powerful item authoring and item banking modules, performance tasks, scenarios, and interactive assessments can all be included in your tests along with the more traditional item types.

Since TAO is standards-based, digital assessment can be integrated with your applicant registry database, helping you manage candidates throughout multiple stages of application and certification.


TAO is the one assessment platform that can house all of your tests, from screening to practice to certification or qualifying exams. Fixed form or adaptive? It’s your choice.

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Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market seeks to improve cashier training at multiple Atlanta-area grocery stores.

Korean-owned Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market focuses on products from around the world, with stores offering groceries and fresh produce from Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. They currently have five stores within a 20-mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia, and plan to expand to ten over the next two years.

It has been difficult for NDM to train and retain skilled cashiers because of the complex product selection (especially international produce). Of 550 employees, 30% are cashiers with an average tenure of only four to five months. The turn over ratio is high..

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Customize Your Ecosystem


With our open source platform, you have the option to customize as much of the assessment experience as needed for your organization.


Hosted on the TAO Cloud™ offering high availability and security out of the box or on the TAO Private Cloud™ and configured to your company’s exact requirements.


Tiered annual subscription based on the number of users or custom pricing based on the specific requirements of the solution.

Service and Support

Three support levels that match the scale and demand of your solution. They are offered as annual subscriptions and include the Open Source Assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to more frequently asked questions here.

The TAO platform encrypts data via HTTPS, and provides encrypted passwords for User Identification. It also supports assigned roles and access rights for back end identification.

To reduce the likelihood of cheating, the TAO platform can integrate with a lockdown browser such as Safe Exam Browser when a restricted environment for high stakes testing is required. TAO can also integrate with high-security proctoring centers and AI-based services via APIs to further enforce security. Check out our TAO Verified Partners to learn more about remote proctoring services.

TAO’s results reporting module allows you to:

  • View, filter and export test taker results and data collected during test execution
  • Provide reports to various stakeholders from custom designed data sets
  • Create score reports for individual test-takers and designated groups
  • Export raw test results to CSV files for use in third party statistical analysis and reporting tools
  • Use TAO’s Open APIs to extract results data in QTI Results Reporting format

The platform’s Test Creator module also allows you to define weights and scoring categories for items in specific tests. You can define cut scores for instant reporting on multiple categories and display the results to your test-takers right after completion.

When you create a test, you can define time limits at the test, test part, section and/or the individual item level. You can also set constraints for test availability, timing, and maximum number of attempts if you’re using TAO to deliver your tests online.

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