Professional Services

We offer a wide range of Professional Services, from assisting with the design of your assessment ecosystem, to the creation, deployment and operation of your custom TAO solution.

We have led and assisted in the deployment of many large-scale, multilingual projects, including PISA, PIAAC and NCSC. This has allowed us to acquire significant knowledge in elastic cloud computing, enabling large scale testing at minimal cost. Inquire about our professional services so we can share that knowledge with you.

software-dev-icon-yellow Software Development

Looking to supplement your internal resources for faster customization and successful deployment? We are here to help. Our consulting engagements include software customizations and extensions, systems integration as well as strategic advisory services for states, school districts, and human resource organizations.

Easy Communication:

  • Your assigned OAT project manager is available throughout the process to act as the liaison between you and our team. The project manager provides access to releases and facilitates communication in both directions.
  • You get access to a dedicated ticketing system.
  • You follow progress in real-time through our JIRA project tracking system.

Clear Deliverables & Accountability

  • You receive complete online documentation via a private forge.
  • We provide training and support materials that meet your needs.
  • We use professional tools to track project time and provide full accountability.

Whether the assignment is just a handful of days or a year long, each project is handled in the same professional manner. Larger projects require more sophisticated methods of course, and for these we rely on the Agile development process.


Agile Process:

    • Requirements gathering and preparation – 2 weeks
    • Collaboration – Task Creation (User Stories): this includes multiple 3-week sprints, at the end of each there is a product release, tested by our QA team, and accepted by you, the client. All feedback is considered and introduced into the next sprint.
    • Quality Assurance – all tasks must pass three levels of tests, including computer-based “unit tests” and a QA team to ensure your requirements are met.

    Alternatively, you can also get professional support via our network of Authorized Partners.

    training-icon-yellow Training

    Want to learn how to create QTI item types and QTI compliant test deliveries? Need someone to guide you through the installation and deployment of TAO? Want to get up to speed fast and learn the best practices? Let us help.

    Our training can take place online or onsite, depending on your preference. Because it includes many hands-on sessions, we require a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants.

    We will create a curriculum tailored for your user base, covering a range of topics:

    • QTI-compliant item bank development and item design
    • QTI test creation and delivery management
    • Best way to install TAO and integrate it with your existing systems
    • TAO deployment topologies: case studies and best practices
    • TAO architecture
    • User management and Data access control
    • TAO extensions: Workflow definition and implementation, Report creation
    • Advanced concepts of TAO: Abstraction layers, APIs
    Hands-On Training
    Pricing Per Participant
    (Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 8 Participants)

    1-Day Onsite or Online 700 EUR
    2-Day Onsite or Online 1,100 EUR
    3-Day Onsite or Online 1,500 EUR
    4-Day Onsite or Online 2,000 EUR

    * excl. taxes and fees


    support-icon-yellow Support & Maintenance

    Looking to ensure a smooth production process and reliable, positive test experiences? We are here to help.

    Community Support

    • Support for the TAO platform is available at no cost through the TAO Forge. The Forge offers a convenient way for users to interact with the Open Source community and get non-time-sensitive support.
    • You can also reference the TAO User Guide Online at any time.

    Commercial Support

    • For clients with commercial deployments, we offer dedicated support & maintenance agreements to ensure a reliable and positive test experience. Please contact us for a custom offer.


    hosting-icon-yellow TAO Cloud™ Managed Services

    For those who prefer an out-of-the-box solution, we offer flexible hosting services on the TAO Cloud™. By working with leading providers such as Amazon and Linode, we are able to provide a highly scalable, secure, and robust environment for both online content development and test delivery. Please contact us for a custom offer.

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