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OAT offers a full range of enterprise services to support you at every stage of your TAO deployment: from assistance in designing your assessment platform; to building custom tools and item types; and from facilitating the integration of TAO into your assessment ecosystem; to the creation, deployment, and maintenance of your custom TAO Enterprise Edition.

By partnering with OAT for enterprise services, you will be accessing the unique expertise of the technical team behind the TAO platform – ensuring that your custom TAO system meets the performance and interoperability standards that your assessment program demands.

Inquire about OAT’s enterprise services so we can share our knowledge with you and help you get the most from your TAO assessment system.

software-dev-icon-yellow Integration

Modular components are a key benefit of TAO, allowing you to use TAO where you most need it, while keeping your options open for using existing solutions — such as test-taker registration databases and learning management systems — and making it easy to use third-party tools and assessment banks.

The OAT team will work with you to build seamless integrations via APIs, the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) framework, or other appropriate methods.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

software-dev-icon-yellow Customization

TAO provides a suite of powerful, flexible tools and features out-of-the-box, but sometimes your assessment program has unique needs that require bespoke solutions. By partnering with OAT to customize TAO to meet your needs, you can leverage the power of Open to help you innovate, localize, retrofit, and personalize your assessment technology to your specific requirements, including:

  • Unique item interaction types
  • Branding and styling
  • Custom metadata
  • Academic standards alignment schemas
  • Test-taker experiences and user interfaces
  • Data reporting
  • Granular analytics
  • Custom statistics profiles
  • Administrative workflow configurations
  • …and more

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software-dev-icon-yellow TAO Cloud Managed Services

TAO Cloud™ Managed Services are designed to let you focus on your Assessment Program while we handle the technology. We work with leading providers such as Amazon and Linode to provide a highly scalable, secure, and robust TAO Cloud environment for both online content development and test delivery. Whether you choose the TAO Premium Edition or the TAO Enterprise Edition, you’ll be able to tap into the ease, elasticity, and security that come from leveraging a Cloud-based deployment. Combined with the power of Open Source and Open Standards, we bring you the best of large-scale testing at minimal cost.

software-dev-icon-yellow Support

OAT is here to help you achieve a smooth test production process and deliver reliable, positive test experiences. We offer varying levels of technical and help desk support based on the TAO Edition of your choice.

Support for the TAO Community Edition

Community support for the TAO platform is available at no cost through the TAO Hub. The Hub offers a convenient way for users to interact with the Open Source community and get non-time-sensitive support.

You can also reference the TAO User Guide online at any time.

Support for the TAO Premium Edition

Subscribers to the TAO Premium Edition gain access to a dedicated online helpdesk for OAT Level 3 technical support. Technical support questions can be initiated by your organization’s contact person at any time. You can expect a response from the OAT technical support team within 8 business hours.

Support for the TAO Enterprise Edition

TAO Enterprise Edition clients will receive a dedicated annual support & maintenance agreement along with their assessment system, so they can be assured of a reliable and positive test experience. You’ll have the choice of three levels of support to match the scale of your deployment, culminating in the Open Source Assurance for maximum peace of mind. The support package will be included in your custom quote.

software-dev-icon-yellow Training

Do you want to learn how to create QTI item types and QTI-compliant test deliveries? Would you like someone to guide you through all the functions of your TAO Enterprise Edition? Does your IT department want to learn best practices for integrating TAO into your ecosystem? Get the training you need so you can make the most out of your TAO Premium Edition or TAO Enterprise Edition.

OAT offers training both online and onsite, depending on your preference and budget. Upon request, OAT experts will create a training package tailored for your needs, covering the topics most important for your organization, such as:

  • QTI-compliant item bank development and item design
  • QTI test creation and delivery management
  • Best practices for integrating your TAO Premium or TAO Enterprise Edition with existing systems
  • TAO deployment topologies: case studies and best practices
  • TAO architecture
  • User management and data access control
  • Workflow definition and implementation, report creation
  • Advanced concepts of TAO: Abstraction layers, APIs

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