TAO Editions Comparison

Ideal for… Organizations who are technically savvy and want to completely in-source their assessment solution. Organizations who want the simplicity of TAO in the cloud: just add content and deliver your tests in no time. Organizations who want a deeply integrated assessment solution augmented with features unique to their needs.
Description Full open source feature stack. Full open source feature stack plus OAT value-added extensions. Full open source feature stack plus OAT value-added extensions plus client-specific enhancements.
Hosting Method Have your IT department host TAO for you, or work with a third-party provider of your choice. High availability and high security out of the box, thanks to the TAO Cloud. Deployed on a private TAO Cloud, and configured to your needs. Alternatively, you can deploy it in your own environment, if you prefer.
Support Online manuals and help forums are available through the TAO user community with best-effort response times. Dedicated online helpdesk for Premium Edition users to access O.A.T. technical Level-3 support. Several O.A.T. support levels are available to match the scale of your deployment, including 24×7. Offered as annual subscriptions, they include the Open Source Assurance for maximum peace of mind.
Cost Free to use on your own. Set your budget based on what your organization wants to build with internal resources.

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