Redefining digital assessment is about tearing down proprietary data silos, and deploying an open environment that empowers you to combine assessment and learning data, and make it actionable. Only with a holistic approach founded in OPEN technologies will Personalized Learning become a reality.

To help you build this critical foundation, we offer three editions of TAO, each one leveraging the power of OPEN – as in Open Source, Open Standards and Open APIs.

TAO Enterprise Edition

TAO Enterprise Edition is at the core of today’s leading-edge assessment solutions. Thanks to OAT’s large-scale, deep integration expertise, clients gain a rapid competitive advantage by creating a unified assessment data architecture that is secure, flexible, cost-effective, and yet completely open.

TAO Enterprise Edition is ideal for clients with a desire to redefine digital assessment, and a budget for software customization and integration.

Key Benefits

  • Bespoke assessment system that offers the best of both worlds: off-the-shelf functionality and yet uniquely you
  • Same powerful Open Source feature stack as the TAO Community Edition, with full access to OAT value-added extensions, augmented with features specific to you
  • Time-to-market advantage through OAT’s award-winning, standards-based assessment technology
  • Single-tenant, fully-personalized deployment with the scalability and security of the TAO Cloud™
  • Option to deploy in third-party data centers or on premise
  • Peace of mind thanks to OAT support & maintenance subscriptions with built-in open source assurance
  • Training sessions customized to your specific needs
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