TAO Premium Edition

The TAO Premium Edition is the newest offering in the TAO family of powerful, Open Source assessment solutions.

Offering the benefit of trusted, award-winning technology directly from the TAO Cloud, this fully scalable SaaS assessment solution makes it fast, easy, and affordable to integrate assessment into your LMS or to build out your digital ecosystem without the need for specialized technical know-how.

A cost and resource-effective solution, TAO Premium Edition allows you to focus on your content and test takers, while we take care of the rest.

TAO Premium Edition allows you to:

  • Access the latest features across the full range of TAO assessment components, from item development to test creation to assessment delivery to exporting results
  • Use premium features like built-in Text-to-speech to offer greater accessibility to your test-takers
  • Benefit from the most powerful QTI item banking and test delivery system on the market – allowing you to import, export, build, and manage your own content without the constraints of proprietary systems.
  • Be creative. From simple items to complex technology-enhanced items (TEIs) including Portable Custom Interactions (PCIs), there’s almost no limit to the innovation you can build into your tests. You can offer assessments in multiple languages, include audio files and multimedia, and create performance tasks and multi-step items by leveraging TAO’s powerful feature set.
  • Open up global possibilities! You can create and deliver tests to and from anywhere you want – at a central site, across multiple test centers or classrooms, or all over the world.
  • Strengthen your brand. TAO Premium Edition lets you personalize the user interface with your own logo and look and feel to connect and resonate with your users.
  • Handle ongoing variations in testing capacity. Built on a NoSQL database, the TAO Premium Edition allows you to scale test deliveries according to your needs – all while benefiting from transparent subscription pricing.

Don’t just take our word for it! In addition to millions of satisfied users, TAO has been recognized for dependable innovation by assessment-giving organizations around the globe. We’re proud of our accolades, which include the IMS Global Platinum award and SIIA’s Trendsetter with Traction recognition.

It’s easy to get started with TAO Premium:

1. Request a quote to connect with one of our sales representatives.
2. Determine the best pricing level for you based on your volume of tests and test takers.
3. Select add-on services you may require (optional).
4. Finalize account set up with our Premium support team.
5. Login and get going in the TAO Cloud using a common web browser. No download required.

Open Source, Open Standards, Open Possibilities.

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