Redefining digital assessment is about tearing down proprietary data silos, and deploying an open environment that empowers you to combine assessment and learning data, and make it actionable. Only with a holistic approach founded in OPEN technologies will Personalized Learning become a reality.

To help you build this critical foundation, we offer three editions of TAO, each one leveraging the power of OPEN – as in Open Source, Open Standards and Open APIs.

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The TAO Premium Edition combines the most powerful QTI item banking and test delivery system on the market with the scalability and convenience of an online software subscription service. It is ideal for those who prefer the ease of a pre-configured, Cloud-based SaaS solution, and the transparency of subscription pricing.

The TAO Premium Edition is built on the powerful Open Source TAO platform that allows you to:

  • Access the full range of assessment technology components that you can use either stand-alone or in combination to support the full assessment life cycle; and choose which ones to integrate with your existing digital learning ecosystem
  • Own your assessment content, as Native QTI support means you can import, export, and build your content without the constraints of proprietary systems
  • Create and deliver tests to and from anywhere in the world
  • Personalize the user-interface with your own logo
  • Integrate TAO with your existing learning management system, student data system, online gradebook, or other applications

The TAO Premium Edition takes things a step further by combining the powerful, Open Source TAO platform with the convenience of SaaS, empowering you to:

  • Focus on content and test-takers, instead of hardware and software
  • Easily create accounts online and access powerful, built-in tools for Item and Test-Authoring, Test-Taker Management, Test Scheduling and Delivery, Session Proctoring, and Results Reporting
  • Launch tests and quizzes from any learning management system (that is compatible with LTI, the Learning Tools Interoperability Framework)
  • Leverage pre-loaded premium features such as text-to-speech, graphic calculators, and math formulas
  • Access new features as soon as they become available
  • Create automatic gradebook entry of student test results
  • Utilize single-sign-on (SSO) scenarios, thanks to built-in LTI-compliance
  • Gain 24/7 access to online training
  • Get assistance from the TAO Premium technical help desk
  • Enjoy the transparency of annual subscription pricing

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