Overview: Configuring interactions

Interactions can be configured in a number of ways to suit your assessment scenario. This section tells you about the ways you can configure your interactions so that they do and appear as you want them to.

It contains chapters on adapting the way interactions are scored to suit your purposes (Modifying the scoring method), deciding whether you want to give some kind of assistance to the test-takers, and if so, what the nature of this should be (Giving hints and feedback to the test-taker), how to limit what test-takers give as a response to the question or task in the interaction (Placing constraints on the response), and finally, you have several different options with certain types of interaction (e.g. in choice interactions) on how to present the responses which test-takers choose from (Displaying answer options).

These are configured either in the Interaction properties panel or the Response properties panel, depending on what it is you are configuring. The image below shows, on the right, where you access the properties from your interaction (by clicking on Question or Response), and on the left, the properties panel which opens (in this case for the Response, where scoring can be set).


Response properties