Text Entry Interaction

Text Entry Interactions allow Test-takers to complete a “Fill in the Blank” question with an exact text answer. This interaction needs to be in a Text Block Block.

Text Entry Interaction
Text Entry Interaction

Once you have generated a new Item, and clicked on Authoring in the Action Bar, follow the steps below to create a new Text Entry Interaction:

1. From the Inline Interactions Library below Common Interactions on the left, drag the Text Block Block onto the blank Item and drop it onto the Canvas.

This creates a field (containing a sample text) in which a text may be entered from a favorite source (a Word document or website, for instance), or typed in.

To enter your text, click inside the text field.

Note: See the chapter Word Processing Options for details on text editing options such as using italics or bold text in your item, and inserting features such as shared stimuli or media, tables or formulae.

Text Entry Interaction
Text Entry Interaction

2. Once you have entered the text, drag the Text Entry icon Text Entry from the Inline Interactions library to the space next to where the test-taker will be expected to fill in the blank.

This creates a pop-up window containing the blank, which is to be filled by the test-taker. No changes can be made here: the window just confirms that you have created the blank. However, a correct answer will need to be selected and this is done in the Response mode.

Note: Remember to remove the actual words from the text that the Text Entry blanks are designed to replace.

3. Complete optional configuration of the interaction if required.


4. Click Response in the pop-up window to define the correct answer(s).

This opens the response entry window, in which you can enter the correct answers. Remember that you will need to produce an answer that the test-taker will be expected to match exactly, character-for-character, including spaces.

Repeat steps 2 and 4 until all the desired Text Entry blanks have been inserted into the text.

6. Click the blue Done button. Your text entry interaction is now complete.

After this step, you can preview and test-run your interaction by following the instructions given in Steps 5 and 6 in Creating a Test Item.