We’re excited to announce a new release for TAO Accelerate and Ignite with several improvements and fixes to enhance the test-taking experience. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Items and images now respond more smoothly when the browser’s screen size changes.

  • Users with Grant permissions are able to manage Access Control permissions for other users.

  • The “With replacement” option from the Section configuration within a Test has been removed to avoid confusion for test-takers.

TAO Advance

  • For added security, the option to disable keyboard and mouse commands during online test delivery (via LTI 1.3) has been added.

  • The auto-saving feature has been improved such that text will now be saved after a two-second pause or every five seconds while typing.

  • User are now able to see the score and scoring status for manually scored items during Test Review (via LTI 1.3).

  • If there are still some items pending manual scoring, the score wont be shown during Test Review (LTI 1.3) to avoid confusion.

  • The error handling on the extended text interaction has been improved.

  • A issue that was causing one attempt of a question to be deducted when a test-taker refreshed the page after the allotted time expired has been fixed.