May 2024 Release

We’re pleased to share updates from this month’s release. These updates streamline processes and enhance the TAO platform’s usability and effectiveness. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to further improvements!

TAO Advance Updates:

  • Expanded Interaction Orientation: Horizontal orientations are now available for Order Interaction, Graphic Gap Match, and Gap Match, providing more flexibility in how these elements are displayed and interacted with.

  • Likert PCI Availability in TAO Advance: We’ve successfully ported the Likert PCI to TAO Advance, bringing one more question type for the user.

TAO Portal Updates & Fixes:

  • Read Aloud Tool Configurability: Users now have the ability to activate or deactivate accessibility tools directly from the session configuration panel.

  • New Export Functionality: Users can now export test session Deliveries to Docx directly from the TAO Portal.

  • CSV Download Enhancements: We’re refined CSV outputs to include detailed play counts, correct response indicators, and comprehensive test taker data.

  • Improved Group Search: Users can now access group search functionality from the Session Management screen.