Sessions Management

Sessions Management is accessible by the following roles:

  • By the Global Admin without any restrictions.
  • By the Group Manager, who will only see the sessions linked to the groups in which he is enrolled as a Group manager

In the following paragraph we will describe the Global Admin experience.

The Sessions Management page can be accessed via the “Sessions ” tile (on the home page) or via the top bar menu (Sessions).

The sessions management page shows the following view:

Sessions management landing page

You will see a table listing all of the sessions you’ve created in TAO Portal.

The available information includes the following:

  • Name: the name assigned to the session when created
  • Group: the group whose members will be able to access the session, either as test-taker or session administrator
  • Open date: the date when the session will become available to test-takers in the assigned group
  • Close date: the date when the session will be closed and not anymore available to test-takers in the assigned group
  • Activity 
    • Enrolled: number of test takers enrolled to this session (usually equal to the test-takers that are enrolled in the group)
    • Started: number of test-taker that started test but did not completed it yet
    • Finished: number of test-takers that completed the test

The list can be ordered by the Name, Group, Open date andClose date fields by clicking on the header of the table. The search box on top-left of the table can be used to search for Groups; it takes into account the Name and Group properties.