Modal Feedback

Modal feedback can be defined as a message presented to the Test-taker outside of the Item, when the test-taker selects an answer. Feedback may be triggered by either a correct or an incorrect answer, depending on the conditions set by the test author.

After you have created your Interaction, go to the Response window and follow the steps below if you would like the test-takers to receive modal feedback during this interaction.

1. Many of the interaction types have the option of giving Modal Feedback. If this is available, click on the Add a Modal Feedback button in the Response Properties Panel on the right.

Adding Modal Feedback to your Interaction
Adding Modal Feedback to your Interaction

This opens a modal feedback panel in which you can insert the feedback and specify when it should be given.

2. Insert your feedback and feedback conditions.

If the feedback is to be given when the test-taker gets the correct answer, then ensure that the if-statement is set to correct. You can also set it to incorrect or any numeric comparative relationship.

Then fill in the then-statement by first clicking on the blue Feedback button, and then entering the desired text in the pop-up window. When complete, click the done button.

If alternative feedback for the opposite condition is required, click the Feedback button for the else-statement, and follow the same procedure used to set up the initial feedback.

3. If additional modal feedback is required, then click the Add a Modal Feedback button below your first Modal Feedback and repeat the above steps.

You can preview your modal feedback using the steps given in the Preview instructions.