A Modern & Robust Testing PlatformTAO leverages powerful cloud providers including GCP and AWS to offer best-in-class security and worry-free scalability during critical testing campaign windows.Learn More
Build Accessible AssessmentsUniversal design, WCAG compliance and assistive tools for audio, visual, and keyboard support help level the exam playing field and offer greater opportunities to empower more learners.TAO's Approach
Uncover Insights You Can Act OnOur comprehensive digital assessment software unifies data from the entire assessment cycle to help you uncover learning trends and pin-point areas to improve student performance outcomes.Find Out How
Get Started on Your TermsGet started with the TAO online testing platform out of the box, have us customize it to your needs, or enhance the assessment software with your own functionality.Compare Solutions

Accelerating Innovation in Digital Assessment

Our computer based testing platform is ideal for organizations that want the freedom to control their assessment software – from authoring to delivery to reporting – plus the flexibility to choose from scalable solutions to package it together.

A Next-Generation Assessment System

Streamline and simplify your test management experience with one comprehensive solution that leverages the full power of TAO’s next-generation tools and capabilities. Our cutting-edge interface seamlessly connects the systems you need throughout every stage of the assessment cycle, from authoring, to rostering, to delivery, manual grading and reporting.
Modern User-Experience
Enhanced Accessibility
Performance Insights
Advanced Monitoring Tools
Tightly Integrated
Simplified User Management

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