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For organizations who want the freedom to control their assessment experience – from authoring to delivery to reporting.

We believe the future of education is an open digital ecosystem that unites technologies and accelerates innovation.

Control your assessment experience

TAO offers the most mature QTI-authoring and test delivery on the market. Because TAO is open source, you can leverage the assessment platform out of the box, customize it to your needs, or enhance it with your own functionality.

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Evolve your assessment capabilities

Create a digital ecosystem with the tools you need. TAO is built on open standards to seamlessly adapt to any new devices and technologies – and since its modular, you have the flexibility to choose which functionalities you want to deploy.

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Work with the experts

Our team of technology and assessment experts are dedicated to helping you realize your ideal assessment solution.

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See TAO's impact on the NYC Department of Education:

Find out how the New York City Department of Education used TAO to introduce multimedia components to their Language Proficiency Exams.

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Leading assessment companies choose TAO every day.

Whether you’re just starting an assessment initiative or building your business around it, our platform gives you the power to take ownership of your software solution and scale and grow with your demand. So, when you launch your educational assessment, begin an accreditation program or debut the next credentialing platform, you can be confident that the sky’s the limit.

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1.5 mil
Open Source was not the only factor in the RFP process.  We liked TAO’s degree of customization and that it has a demonstrated history of success in other large-scale implementations. Those factors all contributed to our selection of TAO.
TAO was the best solution in providing a customizable assessment platform without requiring an extensive development effort. Our staff is really happy with the flexibility of TAO.
We are excited about the innovation TAO brings, and how it empowers us to create attractive and engaging items that make these assessments more effective.
TAO’s Open Source nature gave us maximum integration flexibility, intellectual property ownership, and zero perpetual content licensing fee. This combination of features made it a perfect fit for our needs.
Experimenting with TAO has given us a boost of confidence that the Open Source assessment solution is a reliable alternative to those offered by traditional vendors in the market.