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Today’s institutions are stretched thin, and grappling with grading means administrators have less time to dedicate to instruction. Not to mention, printing and storing all of those of test submissions can quickly add up costs. It's time to reimagine the way you manage and score open response assessment questions.Meet TAO Grader. Our solution for tech-enhanced manual scoring reduces the time spent on test grading with the help of a sleek and accessible software interface that ensures educators have the tools they need.
Compatible with Any Question TypeFrom extended text questions to math-based simulations, TAO Grader supports all QTI interaction types in TAO, including custom PCIs.
Grade Exams with Greater AccuracyAssign graders and reviewers based on subject matter or other scoring rules to enable faster and more consistent open response marking.
Empower Team CollaborationSupport for asynchronous team scoring improves collaboration in a large-scale assessment context.
Completely Eliminate PaperLighten the administrative load by eliminating the need to print, store, and score large volumes of tests by hand.

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TAO Grader is available as an add-on to complement TAO’s suite of components, offering a WCAG compliant solution for technology-assisted human scoring that is intuitive, easy to use, and flexible to scale.

Ensure Quality. Eliminate Bias

Engage subject matter experts in assessment scoring for faster, more accurate results. TAO Grader helps you ensure fair, quality grading by allowing you to assign users to review and challenge scores, while advanced workflow management even lets you define which scorers, subjects or percentage of scores should be reviewed.
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