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From formative quizzes to summative assessment, adaptive testing, and everything in between – TAO gives you the freedom to create the authentic assessments you need to foster better teaching and learning outcomes. Our student exam platform helps you keep up with evolving digital expectations in K12 education while leaning on robust training and support for easy, scalable implementation.

  • Seamless integration via open interoperability standards
  • Centralized data access and control 
  • Low-lift adoption & user-friendly interface 
  • Accessibility tools to reach every student

Discover Why Leaders in K12 Assessment Choose TAO

The TAO student assessment platform supports an open source data approach to tools, content, delivery, and reporting to provide you with maximum security and flexibility in K12 education.
Get Started Fast or Customize from The Ground UpGet up and running right away with a turn key solution, or leverage a student exam platform that's completely customized to your institution's needs.Compare Plans
Smart Scoring Puts the Focus Back on TeachingGive your educators time back to focus where it matters most. Automated scoring in TAO lessens the administrative load while enabling faster feedback and interventions for students.Learn More
Scale from the Classroom to NationwideEliminate hosting concerns through the power and security of TAO in the Cloud and confidently deliver tests to any number of candidates at once. Learn More
Engage and Evaluate Students' 21st Century SkillsEngage students in higher-order assessment tasks that flex their creativity and problem solving. With TAO, you can develop and deploy all QTI item types with ease, including Portable Custom Interactions and game-like simulations.Learn More
Link Learning Objectives to Education StandardsTAO’s powerful metadata and reporting capabilities enable linking assessments to curriculum objectives, like the common core standards, to help consistently track student, school, and state performance.Learn More
Create a Next-Generation Learning EnvironmentSeamlessly connect TAO with your student applications to centralize data across your digital learning environment. Interoperable and IMS standards-certified, TAO easily integrates with all other standards-based learning and K12 assessment tools.Learn More

Achieving Consistent Nationwide Learning Standards

With an Open Source platform like TAO, we are free to do our own customization, because we can control the source code. This came as a huge relief, since proprietary systems are very restraining. The more a proprietary system was customized the more we would be dependent on it. Thankfully, with TAO we found a K12 assessment solution that is open and flexible for the future. It is a big step in the right direction to ensure consistent, nationwide implementation of our learning standards.
Dr. Vera Husfeldt
Head of Division Quality Development at the EDK
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Find out how TAO's powerful features, including content authoring, assessment delivery, rostering and deep reporting, offer complete customization in K12 testing.
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Need a K12 assessment platform that gives you the freedom to conduct any type of testing at any scale? Get to know TAO’s suite of assessment tools — backed by data and supported by seamless implementation.
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