Make Better Decisions with Data

TAO’s automated results reporting centralizes the data you need from each stage of the assessment cycle to gain better insight into the whole learning and testing process.
Access Results in Record TimeGet immediate access to data that you can use when it matters most to guide instruction and improve student learning.
Measure Future-Ready SkillsTap into data collected from performance-based PCIs to gain insight into how learners approach problem solving and demonstrate a mastery of 21st century skills.
Visualize Your WayEasily integrate learner achievement and test performance data with your preferred business intelligence tools to discover insights in new ways.
Analyze Item PerformanceUse item-level data to uncover trends and optimize your test questions to ensure they are performing as you intend.

Close the Loop Between Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The reporting tools housed within the TAO assessment platform give you easy access to track progression in the classroom and beyond – from snapshots into individual learner performance to school, district, and state-wide achievement.

Want to Know More About Evaluating Student Achievement with TAO?

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