What is OAT’s mission?
What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of an Open Source platform?
Why is IMS certification/QTI-compliance important?
What are the typical benefits of Open Source solutions?
Do we (as customers) own the content we create in TAO?
How can customers deploy TAO-based assessments?
How can we adjust the TAO platform to our needs?
I just downloaded TAO. Where do I get technical support?
Should we use TAO or a different platform?
How do I know TAO is the right solution for us?
Who are OAT’s competitors?
With the TAO license being free, how does OAT make money?
What kind of services does OAT offer exactly?
How does TAO – being an Open Source platform – guarantee the security of my data and items
How do I pronounce “OAT”?
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