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Our free extensible online assessment software built on open standards for enhanced ownership, ideal for organizations who have a dedicated team of IT experts and the infrastructure to host the solution in place.
Open Core
  • TAO Hub
  • TAO Community Forum
  • TAO User Guide
  • TAO Admin Guide
  • TAO Sandbox

*Feature Details
  • Access and extend the TAO source to configure your platform for your unique needs.
  • Support resources for TAO Core available from the TAO Community
TAO Accelerate
Starting at
per month billed annually
Our turn-key digital assessment solution designed to simplify your transition from paper to computer-based testing, without the technical headache. Just add your content and go — it’s that easy.
Everything in Core, plus:
  • Service Desk Support
  • Live Orientation
  • Text-to-Speech Tools
  • Test Centers and Local Proctoring
  • Theming and Logo Branding of your TAO Environment
  • TAO Cloud™ Hosting
* Feature Details
  • Helpdesk ticket support with a typical 6 hour response time
  • 90 minute dedicated training with a member of the TAO global training team
  • Texthelp’s SpeechStream tools is integrated with TAO to provide a text read aloud solution along with translation, dictionary and picture dictionary support
  • Group candidates for delivery via test centers and enable local proctoring for deliveries
  • Skin your TAO platform with your logo and color theme
  • TAO Ignite is hosted in the TAOCloud™, freeing you from the burden of IT management
Most Popular
TAO Ignite
Starting at
per month billed annually
Our most popular off-the-shelf TAO solution. Ignite includes the same enhanced turn-key feature set as TAO Accelerate, plus access to dedicated account management support as you grow and scale your program.
Everything in Accelerate, plus:
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Usage Reports
  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • User Adoption & Training
  • New Feature & Roadmap Insights
* Feature Details
Dedicated support from an account solutions specialist with monthly account check ins to ensure your success.
TAO Enterprise
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Our most powerful TAO solution designed to support the world’s most demanding online assessment programs. From customization to integration we can build you the exact online assessment system you need.
Everything in Ignite, plus:
  • Modular Authoring and Delivery options
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Custom Training & Support
  • Item Customization
  • Specialized Add-on Tool Integration
  • Custom Strategy Development
  • Implementation for Legacy Systems
  • Private Hosting in the TAO Cloud™ or Custom 3rd-party Hosting Configuration
* Feature Details
  • Choose to host and deploy ONLY authoring or delivery modules with TAO
  • Leverage multi-tenancy for multiple TAO environments within your organization
  • Enterprise Edition offers enhanced customization and 4 levels of support to match the scale of your deployment, including 24/7 dedicated support
  • Our team can create custom items and integrate any legacy systems or add-on tools you need to build the most effective system for your institution.
  • Host your solution in a a private TAOCloud™ instance.

* Additional features and training can be customized to your unique needs
TAO Accelerate
Kickstart your digital transformation:
* Estimated cost, not including exclusions and taxes
  • Service Desk Support
  • Live Orientation
  • Text-to-Speech Tools
  • Test Centers and Local Proctoring
  • Theming and Logo Branding of your TAO environment
  • TAO Cloud™ Hosting
TAO Ignite
Available packages:
* Estimated cost, not including exclusions and taxes
Includes the same feature set as TAO Ignite, plus:
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Usage Reports
  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • User Adoption & Training
  • New Feature & Roadmap Insights
Item Transformation & Content Migration
Our team of assessment experts can help transform your items and assets to QTI format. We can also handle your migration and move any existing content from your legacy systems to your new TAO platform.
Support Packages & Additional Training
Guarantee a smooth deployment for your institution with extra support from the TAO team. Additional support for all TAO packages is available at cost to support your large-scale testing needs.
TAO offers additional support and training for Ignite, Pro and Enterprise including:
  • Additional Online Training by the Hour
  • Online Classes
Partner Integrations

Need to expand your assessment solutions? TAO partners with world leading assessment content, service and tooling organizations to give you the power to build and scale your ideal testing program.
TAO partners with the world's most trusted content, service, and tooling organization, including:
  • Text-to-Speech with Texthelp
  • Remote Proctoring with Proctorio
  • Manual Scoring with Oscar
  • Services and Training with Cito
  • Multi-factor Identification with BioSigID
  • Student Help-Desk Services with Kornerstone
  • Advanced Online Math Tools with Geogebra
  • Paper Testing Services with EDS
  • Assessment Design, Evaluation, Standard Setting, and Validation with edCount

Leading Institutions Choose TAO Everyday

Grow & Scale Your Assessment Program with Confidence

Our expertise in small and large-scale testing means we know exactly how to support and grow your program, whether you’re just getting started or enhancing your digital learning environment.

TAO’s solutions are built on top of our open source, open standards technology, enhancing your platform with:

  • A turn-key digital assessment experience
  • Powerful off-the-shelf features
  • Enhanced enterprise customizations
  • Custom enterprise integrations
  • Specialized training and support

Have your own team of IT experts, engineers and developers in place to build and manage your online assessment software? Download and configure TAO Core at no cost. Or, entrust your solution to us — we’ll handle all of the technical aspects, like hosting, configuration, integration and more.

A Next-Generation Digital Learning Environment – Powered by Open Standards

Your content is valuable — don’t risk losing it. Proprietary vendors lock your content away, making it impossible to monetize you work. With TAO, you can forget locked systems and finally take ownership of your assets. Thanks to our open QTI framework, your content, tests and assets are 100% interoperable, so you can have precision control over your assessment solution and build your program with peace of mind.

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Plan Comparison

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Test Authoring
WYSIWYG Item & Test Authoring
Define Rules for Item or Interaction-level Feedback
Item Preview with Live Scoring Verification
Metadata Management
Media Manager
Import/Export QTI Items/tests
17 Built-in QTI Interactions
11 Built-in PCI Interactions
Linear and Branching Tests
Allow Skipping & Mark for Review
Authoring History with Restoration to Previous Versions
Leverage TAO for QTI Authoring Modules ONLY
Test Delivery
Schedule Tests for Online Deliveries
LMS Delivery via LTI
Security Plugins for Enabling Lockdown Browsers
Assign Local Proctoring
Enforce Full Screen
Built-in Text-to-Speech
Browser Compatibility Check
Enable Remote Proctoring Plugin
Delivery via Test Centers
Deploy Delivery Modules ONLY
Rostering & Results Reporting
Import Test-Takers
Automated Scoring
Extract Results Data in QTI Format
Results by Test-Taker
Assign Tests to Groups
Manage & Export CSV Results
Manual Scoring (open-response questions)
Create Score Reports for Test Takers & Groups
Provide Reports from Custom Designed Data Sets
View Delivery Sessions with Hourly Bar Chart Graphs
Admin Tools & Infrastructure
User Access Control & Permissions
Event Log
Light Platform Branding (Color & Logo)
Shared TAO Cloud™ Hosting
Private TAO Cloud™ Hosting
Customized Platform Branding
Custom Workflows
Test Taker Tools
Choice Striker
Color Picker
Answer Masking
Calculator (Basic, Scientific, BODMAS)
Line Reader
Zoom Magnification
Training & Support
Service Desk Support
1 seat
2 seats
contact us
Live Orientation
Training Videos
Learning Portal Access
Account Management
Monthly Account Check-ins
Custom Training & Support

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