4 Ways to Improve Student Assessment Scores in Digital Testing

Digital tools are reshaping the education landscape, with the last few years seeing a rapid swing towards digital testing as a favored method of assessment among educators. With schools shuttered during COVID-19, in-person testing became impossible, and teachers were forced to adopt remote testing, which brings with it its own benefits but also its own […]

Blended Learning in K12: How it Works

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, educators around the world were forced to adopt a digital-first approach to education which – for many – was a new experience. In the early days, growing pains were common as the sector struggled to get used to teaching over video conferencing technology. Over time, however, educators […]

5 Open Standards That Simplify End-to-End Assessment

A driver for innovation, open standards play an important role in promoting better access to educational technology. They are the underpinning of an interoperable, plug-and-play EdTech ecosystem. When used as a building block in digital learning environments, open education standards allow institutions to centralize user access to technology, unlock data silos and share learning content […]

What Students Are Looking for From Classroom Technology

What are students looking for from education and classroom technology? With the past year shaking up the world of education, it’s not surprising to learn more and more students are seeking the best in technological solutions to support their learning journey. After all, by now, most students are well versed in how tech can go […]

Tips for Building Assessment Items Using Student Engagement Concepts

Research has shown that student engagement is directly related to performance in the classroom, both in terms of a student’s overall learning as well as in the level of accomplishment on assessment tasks. But how exactly can a learning environment be structured to promote engagement? Many learning environments are designed to incorporate online assessment, including […]

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