3 Ways to Foster Critical Thinking Through Computer-Based Testing

Developing critical thinking skills is one of the main goals of today’s education system. Students that can think critically can solve problems from different angles, learn deeply, and are generally more successful after graduation. As a 21st-century skill, critical thinking doesn’t fit neatly inside the box of any single curriculum or education program. Instead, it […]

6 Strategies for Assessing English Language Learners

Assessment plays a monumental role in any classroom. Educators use a variety of assessment types all to understand what students have learned or still need to learn within their curriculum. However, when assessing English Language Learners, or ELLs, it can be difficult to determine if a student’s misconceptions are due to language ability or difficulty […]

3 Tips for Using Assessment Tools to Capture Student Learning Data

Measuring and tracking student data is essential to ensuring that students are learning and progressing in the classroom. Yet, collecting and managing this data to improve teaching and learning can be a challenge, especially as educators may collect a large number of data points in any given school year. By utilizing technology-based assessment tools, they […]

Aligning Digital Assessment Questions to Common Core Learning Standards

As the primary guidelines for what students need to be able to demonstrate and understand, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) play a critical role in planning and implementing lessons. A key component of this is, of course, designing common core assessments that align with the standards, including digital assessments.  Creating digital common core assessment […]

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