How Digital Assessment Tools Make it Easier to Prove Learning Outcomes

Digital assessment tools can be revolutionary in education; the right tools can foster personalized testing, create more engaging instruction and provide holistic insights into what’s happening in the learning environment. However, not all digital assessment tools are made the same. In fact, even some modern EdTech tools can lock up data in silos or offer outdated information, […]

How a Turn Key Digital Assessment Platform Saves your Testing

A turn-key assessment platform is ideal for organizations that need to quickly and effectively launch a digital testing program without the support of a dedicated IT team. In today’s digital age, students are more frequently leveraging online education. In response, districts and institutions are rapidly bringing their courses online to increase enrollment and provide learning […]

Empowering Online Education with Digital Testing Technology

Online education is not what it used to be. Though formerly challenged as inferior to in-person instruction, digital learning solutions have evolved tremendously over the last decade. Where these solutions of the past were largely deemed too impersonal, today’s continuous advancement in technology allows instructors to reach a wider range of students and engage them […]

Interoperability Assurances: A Step by Step Guide

Creating assessment content and tests that can be imported and exported between platforms is crucial to support an institution’s evolving technology needs. Thanks to the interoperability standards set and maintained by IMS Global Learning Consortium, this exchange of test content is possible. With their open frameworks, IMS standards make it possible to build an integratabtle […]

Using IMS Global Standards to Connect Assessment to Learning

EdTech has had a phenomenal impact on modern education. As more systems and applications continue to enter the space, ensuring interoperability of these technologies has become a vital aspect of operations. Interoperability enables institutions to invest in scalable tech that improves educational participation and boosts learning outcomes at a low cost. To learn more about […]

Choosing an Assessment Authoring Solution

Online assessments offer new opportunities to gain deeper insight into how test takers solve problems and help close the feedback loop between teaching and learning — both in the classroom and in professional settings. By incorporating features like multimedia, complex testing logic and custom items, you can author engaging assessments that go beyond multiple choice […]

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