6 Strategies for Assessing English Language Learners

Assessment plays a monumental role in any classroom. Educators use a variety of assessment types all to understand what students have learned or still need to learn within their curriculum. However, when assessing English Language Learners, or ELLs, it can be difficult to determine if a student’s misconceptions are due to language ability or difficulty […]

Why are Schools Shifting The Focus from Summative Assessment?

Assessing student achievement and abilities is an important part of determining whether instruction is effective or not. Over the last few years, schools and educators have been moving away from traditional high-stakes summative assessments and towards other forms of assessment to determine a student’s skill level.  This shift, initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed […]

How can Formative Testing Improve Student Motivation?

Effective educators are experts in using formative assessment tools throughout the learning process to get a clear picture of how students are progressing and to guide instruction. Unlike summative testing models where students are only assessed after the lesson has occurred, formative instruction models allow for education to be personalized and transparent by checking student […]

Leveraging Universal Design for Learning Principles to Build Student Agency

Engaging and reaching students at their level are two of the most difficult aspects of teaching. Each class is made up of students from various backgrounds, with different abilities and interests. However, by building student agency through universal design principles, educators can engage students more effectively while at the same time giving students of all […]

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