Access Beyond the Assessment: Accessibility for all Aspects of Digital Testing

It’s taken longer than many of us hoped, but online assessment platforms are finally taking accessibility seriously, and many platforms are openly boasting about their accessibility compliance and features. It’s tempting to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back. Admittedly, I have indulged in a bit of jubilation myself. However, assessment programs need to dig […]

Transcripts for All: The Value of Transcripts in Digital Assessment

As citizens of the world today, we all encounter web-based content in all its various forms, which includes text, audio, video, interactive widgets – even virtual reality. We’ve become accustomed to these forms as part of how information is distributed and consumed. Online assessments programs are increasingly including media in their tests. There are alternatives […]

Accessibility Test Exceptions in Online Assessment

The assessment industry is trying in earnest to deliver accessible tests that comply with laws like the  The United States’ (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Update of 2017) and Europe’s (EN 301 549), both of which require compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, including Level A and AA success criteria. The industry […]

Beyond the IEP: Leveraging the AccessForAll Standard to Provide Accommodations in Online Testing

In the past, students had Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or similar conventions that described a particular diagnosis, which permitted certain accommodations for assessments. Even if the IEP listed specific learning and testing environment accommodations, they may have only been “human readable” instructions.  For online assessment this can be problematic, as the delivery system can’t understand […]

Partnership Spotlight: Texthelp

As the leading open-source platform provider for K12, Higher Education and Professional development, Open Assessment Technologies (OAT) is committed to providing tools that make assessment accessible to all learners, regardless of their stage or ability level. Since 2015, TAO has partnered with Texthelp to support students with reading support needs, such as text to speech […]

Removing Barriers in Digital Assessment for Test Takers

Assessment is a technology. We have a long history of asking a sample of questions within a subject which allow us to draw inferences about the test taker. Over time, test makers have learned that there are some things that we need to be concerned about, including biases, reliability, validity, and accessibility. Only by addressing […]

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