Male student in university library using credentialing software for micro-learning on a laptop

How to Use Micro-Learning to Drive Student Engagement in Higher Education

Institutes of higher education have been experiencing a decline in student engagement and enrollment in recent years. While many attribute this to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic there may be deeper-rooted changes occurring as students begin to think about their future. Students today have many options and pathways into different careers and, for some […]

Female educator sitting in an office reviewing data reports measuring student performance on an assessment as learning task.

Connecting the Dots Between Learning & Assessment Through Test Item Metadata

For educators, connecting assessment to learning is a vital part of ensuring that students are motivated and engaged in learning, and that they have a clear understanding of what they need to know. When assessments align with learning objectives, they provide valuable feedback that informs instructional design and allows for personalized learning. All of this […]

What Are Outcomes-based Assessments (and how can you implement them)?

Developing high-quality assessments that measure intended learning outcomes is an important but challenging part of the learning process. Educators may utilize formative and summative assessments throughout the learning process to help gauge what students know and can do. For educators, it is important to balance assessment types and continually use assessments for learning to determine […]

close up of two female students looking at a laptop screen while other students are out of focus in the background to show creative assessment ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Assess Student Learning

Assessment is a critical part of the learning process for both educators and students. Through well-planned and delivered assessments teachers can get a complete picture of what a student can and cannot do. With technological advances in online testing platforms and assessment, teachers have access to large data sets that can pinpoint growth and achievement […]

Young schoolgirl in computer class using a laptop with teacher leaning over

3 Tips to Promote Student Confidence in Online Testing

As an instructor or administrator that relies on assessments to teach your students and measure their understanding of the material, it’s important that you get valid test results. However, many students perform poorly on online assessments not because they didn’t understand the material but because they were nervous and lacked the confidence to succeed.  It’s […]

Excited child interacting with a tablet.

How to Make AI a Genuine Asset in Education

Artificial intelligence can get a bad rap.  As automation, AI, and machine learning take over tasks traditionally done by people, we worry about becoming replaceable. We worry about our future job security, our place in the world, and the loss of that all-important human touch. And those are just the intellectual concerns. Many movies and […]

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