How to Boost Your Digital Assessment Platform with Integrations

The era of the pencil and paper test is over: online assessment platforms have opened up the possibility for customized, insightful testing like never before. One of the main advantages of digital assessment platforms is the opportunity to add capabilities through integration with services, tools, and content functions. These integrations enhance the testing experience and provide benefits to […]

4 eLearning Trends and the Technologies that Support Them

In recent years, eLearning and digital assessment trends have focused on forward-thinking technology like gamification, AI and the ability to impart tangible, game-like experiences into learning scenarios. While these are expected to ramp up in 2020, it is also important to also keep in mind the common goals underpinning the trends that are directing the […]

What to Look for in a Digital Assessment Platform

A more reliable, responsive, and flexible alternative to pencil and paper testing, a digital assessment platform can drive innovation in education. However, with plenty of options in the market, it’s difficult to identify which platforms will make a positive systemwide impact — and which are full of empty slogans. As your school or district moves […]

Why Online Testing Tools are the Future of Assessments

Modern K-12 classrooms operate as much online as they do in brick-and-mortar. Over the last two decades, the application of new technology has been leading this digital shift, and the impact has been quite clear. Although not without roadblocks and pressure, EdTech has transformed both the methodology and philosophy that drive modern education. Testing approaches […]

Designing Digital Assessments for Accessibility from the Ground Up

Web-based applications have great potential to open up learning opportunities for people with certain physical and cognitive disabilities. However, as the prevalence of online learning continues to rise, so do concerns regarding accessibility, particularly for these individuals. Web Accessibility in Mind estimates that one fifth of the population has a disability of some kind. And […]

Interoperability: The Missing Link in EdTech

What is interoperability? Simply put, interoperability describes how well systems, applications and the data within them interact within an organization. When it comes to educational institutions, interoperable technology allows students to access a wider range of tools while enabling schools to easily share and manage data systems. Interoperable technology in education delivers capabilities, like seamless […]

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