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How to Make AI a Genuine Asset in Education

Artificial intelligence can get a bad rap.  As automation, AI, and machine learning take over tasks traditionally done by people, we worry about becoming replaceable. We worry about our future job security, our place in the world, and the loss of that all-important human touch. And those are just the intellectual concerns. Many movies and […]

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Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to Online Assessment

Developing high-quality online assessments that both challenge students appropriately and are aligned with standards is top of mind for educators. By using traditional thinking and questioning techniques, such as those in the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy, educators can build assessments that meet students at their level and provide large sets of valuable data for teachers […]

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Improving Teaching Strategies Using Student Testing Data

When a teacher gives an assessment or a test, the goal is not to simply assign a grade, the goal is to improve teaching and learning. If an assessment is designed effectively and with a high degree of validity and reliability, teachers can use student data to inform future lessons or to identify gaps in […]

Featured image of boy using computer and headphones for assessing ELL

6 Strategies for Assessing English Language Learners

Assessment plays a monumental role in any classroom. Educators use a variety of assessment types all to understand what students have learned or still need to learn within their curriculum. However, when assessing English Language Learners, or ELLs, it can be difficult to determine if a student’s misconceptions are due to language ability or difficulty […]

Featured image of student on computer in lab taking assessment that ensures exam validity

4 Ways To Improve Exam Content Validity

Whether you are an educator or an employer, ensuring you are measuring and testing for the right skills and achievements in an ethical, accurate, and meaningful way is crucial. If you want to make sure your students are knowledgeable and prepared, or if you want to make sure a potential employee or staff member is […]

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Why are Schools Shifting The Focus from Summative Assessment?

Assessing student achievement and abilities is an important part of determining whether instruction is effective or not. Over the last few years, schools and educators have been moving away from traditional high-stakes summative assessments and towards other forms of assessment to determine a student’s skill level.  This shift, initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed […]

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