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Create a United Digital Ecosystem

Technology in silos benefits no one. TAO’s use of software interoperability standards enables you to build an all-in-one digital assessment solution, and still leaves room for you to leverage existing or new EdTech applications. You’ll save on costs, own your online assessment tools, and never risk losing your investment.

We’ve developed proven methods for ensuring TAO communicates with your technologies via,  APIs, 1EdTech Global Standards including QTI and LTI, and more. You can leverage your IT team to bring TAO into your tech stack, or if you opt for Enterprise services, our team can work with you to build out seamless integrations with your preferred tools.

What Can Interoperable Assessment Software do for You?

Expand Platform CapabilitiesEnrich your testing platform with third-party online assessment tools like remote proctoring, custom reporting, online manual scoring, and more. TAO’s software interoperability lets you benefit from unlimited integration capabilities so you can continuously grow your digital test programs.Compare Plans
Maintain Content ValueTime, money and effort all go into creating excellent content. But proprietary systems often make it difficult, or even impossible, to maintain ownership of your work. With TAO's QTI framework, your content moves with you, so you're always in complete control of your assets.Learn More
Centralize Decentralized DataTAO unites data from your various learning tools in one secure platform that eliminates data silos, enables streamlined reporting and offers holistic insight into what's really going on with learning and instruction. Learn More
Create a Plug & Play Exam SystemCreate a more robust digital assessment solution. An open, QTI-native framework enables you to integrate the TAO platform with every system you need, including your LMS.Get Started
Lower Your Tech CostsCompletely eliminate proprietary licensing fees and asset lockups with the only digital assessment platform that seamlessly evolves to fit your technology needs.Get Started

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