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Give assessment professionals and educators the tools they need to build an online exam experience that improves productivity, amplifies student engagement, and accelerates institutional progress.
Build Feature-Rich Online ExamsCreate or import innovative questions, embed multi-media, and more via TAO’s WYSIWYG editor using simple drag and drop commands.See How it Works
Guarantee Content FreedomTAO is purpose-built on open source and open standards to guarantee the freedom to monetize your work and maintain the value of even your legacy assets.Learn More
Empower Your Team's ProductivitySmart workflows, rich metadata tagging, and the ability to create shared item banks helps save time on test development, cut costs, and improve productivityLearn More
Assess Creativity and CollaborationLeverage built-in tech-enhanced items, from simple multiple choice to advanced PCIs, to build authentic exams that foster skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.Get Started

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TAO’s robust open source test authoring tools put you in control of your exam content and enable a best-in-class assessment experience.

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