What Are Outcomes-based Assessments (and how can you implement them)?

Developing high-quality assessments that measure intended learning outcomes is an important but challenging part of the learning process. Educators may utilize formative and summative assessments throughout the learning process to help gauge what students know and can do. For educators, it is important to balance assessment types and continually use assessments for learning to determine […]

featured mage of students in computer lab taking an assessment

3 Tips for Using Assessment Tools to Capture Student Learning Data

Measuring and tracking student data is essential to ensuring that students are learning and progressing in the classroom. Yet, collecting and managing this data to improve teaching and learning can be a challenge, especially as educators may collect a large number of data points in any given school year. By utilizing technology-based assessment tools, they […]

Featured image of student on computer in lab taking assessment that ensures exam validity

4 Ways To Improve Exam Content Validity

Whether you are an educator or an employer, ensuring you are measuring and testing for the right skills and achievements in an ethical, accurate, and meaningful way is crucial. If you want to make sure your students are knowledgeable and prepared, or if you want to make sure a potential employee or staff member is […]

Discussing Internet Resources for digital assessment

3 eAssessment Communities for Sharing Resources & Best Practices

The new technologies emerging in today’s education landscape undoubtedly offer immense learning benefits and opportunities for advancing global education. However, as these solutions are introduced, it’s inevitable that questions arise. As the assessment industry in particular continues to undergo a rapid digitization, leaders from educational institutions and bodies across the world are connecting with their […]

students engaging with assessment items

Tips for Building Assessment Items Using Student Engagement Concepts

Research has shown that student engagement is directly related to performance in the classroom, both in terms of a student’s overall learning as well as in the level of accomplishment on assessment tasks. But how exactly can a learning environment be structured to promote engagement? Many learning environments are designed to incorporate online assessment, including […]

How Digital Assessment Standards Give You Control Over Testing Data

As educators look to turn the chaos of 2020 into a sustainable strategy, it’s clear instructors and learners alike will continue to rely on digital tools. A robust, virtual toolkit emerged in the pandemic; despite classroom upheaval, many instructors found value in learning technologies and want to continue implementing them in remote or hybrid learning […]

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