4 Tips for Video Proctoring and Student Data Retention

Monitoring test takers remotely is critical to ensuring the integrity, security and fairness of your online assessments. In today’s world climate, many institutions have no choice but to move their tests online in order to continue to safely provide educational services to their learners. Now they are turning to solutions that include student facing security […]

The Importance of Usability for Creating and Taking Tests

In digital assessment, usability describes how easily someone can learn and navigate a testing system or test. As a test creator, if you’re building any kind of assessment beyond simple quizzes, authoring and storage environments can quickly become complicated — or even unwieldy. It can be difficult to evaluate how “usable” an interface is. If […]

Access Beyond the Assessment: Accessibility for all Aspects of Digital Testing

It’s taken longer than many of us hoped, but online assessment platforms are finally taking accessibility seriously, and many platforms are openly boasting about their accessibility compliance and features. It’s tempting to celebrate and pat ourselves on the back. Admittedly, I have indulged in a bit of jubilation myself. However, assessment programs need to dig […]

Why A Credentialing System is Key to a Top Tier Brand Identity

Brand reputation can take an organization to new heights, or just as effectively take it down. Preserving brand integrity is a concern for any organization, but for those who are accredited and dealing with professional credentialing and certification, there are a number of risk factors to consider. Take healthcare institutions, for instance. In healthcare provider credentialing, […]

3 Ways Effective Testing Solutions Boost Corporate Learning Outcomes

Corporate training has been gaining momentum for a number of years in the eLearning realm; in fact, corporations have increased eLearning usage by 900% in the past 16 years. A corporate eLearning program has clear benefits for organizations, including improved training experiences, quicker on boarding, enhanced customer service and increased profitability. However, a crucial feature, […]

Transcripts for All: The Value of Transcripts in Digital Assessment

As citizens of the world today, we all encounter web-based content in all its various forms, which includes text, audio, video, interactive widgets – even virtual reality. We’ve become accustomed to these forms as part of how information is distributed and consumed. Online assessments programs are increasingly including media in their tests. There are alternatives […]

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