Female Primary Or Elementary School Teacher Helping Students At Desks In Multi-Cultural Class demonstrating the use of assessment tools

Measuring Learning Success: 3 Tools and Strategies for Educators

Every educator knows what it’s like to think that students understand something, only to discover that many remain confused. That’s why assessments are an essential part of every teacher’s toolkit—but they can be time-intensive to administer and grade. However, a host of digital solutions can now deliver insight into learning progress without eating away at […]

Group Of Secondary Or High School Students At Computers In IT Class With Female Teacher demonstrating the concept of adaptive learning

Adaptive Learning Explained: Tailoring Education to Student Needs

Picture a typical educator in a room full of young people with unique strengths, challenges, backgrounds, and learning needs. Regardless of the teacher’s expertise, achieving the best outcomes for each student in this scenario can be tough—especially as student needs will shift over time as they learn (or not!). This is where adaptive learning can […]

Young female teacher standing inn classroom holding a laptop with children sitting at desks in the background, demonstrating how teachers use AI tools in the classroom

3 Ways Teachers Use AI in the Classroom

Teachers know that student-centered instruction leads to better outcomes. However, time isn’t always on their side—teachers work an average of 54 hours a week and spend 20-40% of their time on lesson prep, grading, and administrative tasks. They’re also working harder than ever to address literacy gaps and pandemic-related learning losses. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) […]

up close image of hands on keyboard with security symbols superimposed over the image, demonstratinng the concept of cybersecurity, secure assessment tools

Safeguarding Critical Data: Why ISO 27001 Certification Matters (& What You Need to Know)

Cybersecurity is a pressing concern for digital education. Schools, businesses, and institutions entrusted with safeguarding learning data bear a significant responsibility to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. But inevitably, as educational technology continues to advance, so do the risks associated with cyber threats and data breaches. From unauthorized access to manipulation of assessment results, […]

Close up of young man in a t-shirt using a computer and sitting at a desk next to a woman out of focus to demonstrate to concept of 21st-century assessment for measuring career-ready skills

6 Strategies Educators Can Use to Assess Career-Ready Skills

Traditionally, schools have built and assessed a variety of academic skills that may or may not have been useful for students after graduation and in the workplace. While academic content skills and knowledge are still important, many teachers and school districts understand that students need more than academic knowledge to succeed outside of school. This […]

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